Sheetal: It was very difficult to play a Transgender character and adapt that body language

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Question - Your series is going to be such a big hit and how are you feeling?

Answer - First of all I would like to thank Mayapuri, If we talk about Taali, Taali is my dream and even now I feel that I am in a dream, so this is the biggest thing for me.


Question - Did you get messages from fans on Instagram or how was everyone's response?

Answer - When Taali came, I was a little scared because I played a Transgender character, and Nargis was nervous. My fans and audience have appreciated my character a lot, that is, they have given me so much love that whenever I open my phone, there are so many messages. My character is being praised, I also searched on Google for “Who is Nargis”. The audience is writing, why did you die? We had to cry a lot. It was nice to hear all this outside.


Question - If we talk about Sushmita Sen, she is a very good actor and how did you feel working with her?

Answer - She has played the character of Shri Gauri Sawant, so her ability is praiseworthy. She had a different aura, she was very calm and composed and she was so sweet that if anyone saw her, she would keep looking at her and when she was in character, she was Chandi.


Question- How was your experience of working or sharing the screen with him?

Answer - My experience was very good and she is very supportive because when a new actor acts in front of a big actor and shares the screen with him, there is a hesitation somewhere and she also loves me a lot.

Nargis Aka Sheetal Kale

Question - What did you find special about this project?

Answer - This is a concept that has not been touched on to date and people did not know about LGBTQ because we had never paid attention to what is the lives of those who are transgender and what are their rights. In our Constitution, what have we given them or what have they got? It was different from all the concepts that have come to date, that is why people liked it a lot.


Question - How challenging was it for you to play such a character on screen?

Answer – It was very challenging for me because being a girl, it was very difficult to play a Transgender character and adapt to that when I read so much that Koi Nargis Thi Gauri Sawant Ki Life Mein to Haan Thi.


Q: How did this project come to you?

Answer - Yes, I had auditioned for this and I was selected, even then I was not so happy but when I came to know that I was going to share my screen with Sushmita Ma'am, I was very happy because for me This is a big deal. I could see my dream coming true and that feeling was very loving.


Question: Is there any character that you have in mind that I would like to play?

Answer: I like to do challenging roles and I will definitely do whatever good character comes my way.

Sheetal interview

Question - Do you have some more upcoming projects coming?

Answer - Yes, it is now but I cannot tell about it now.

Question - What are your dreams related to Bollywood and OTT?

Answer: See, it is an actor's thing that his hunger never goes away. Whoever comes, let him come, he will keep eating.


Question - Direction and production also matter a lot. How was your experience when a series or film is praised?

Answer - I had a very good experience working with the entire film, our director Ravi Yadav sir who is a National Award-winning director. There was magic when he was on the set and he is a very good director and he gave me a chance, I would like to thank both my producer and director.


Question - Would you like to say something to your fans?

Answer - I would like to say thank you for the love you have given to your Nargis, I get emotional because when we do something that gives you love, and that love is what an actor wants.

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