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Shweta Tripathi to be in a bio bubble at a Mumbai hotel for an entire month to shoot the second season of The Gome Game!


Shweta Tripathi Sharma is ready to get back to work after the second covid-19 wave paused all shoots in the film and entertainment industry – Sulena Majumdar Arora

She is all set to reunite with the cast of the hit thriller series The Gone Game for its second season and unlike its first, the actors and the team will be shooting the episodes in person instead of remotely.

What’s most interesting is that Shweta, along with the rest of the cast and crew, will be in a bio bubble at a Mumbai hotel for an entire month to shoot the second season of the series!

For those unfamiliar with the term, bio bubbles are an invisible shield that has mostly been used to host sporting events during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

They can be created in parts of hotels or stadiums where only a certain set of people who have tested negative for the virus are allowed to enter.

Bio bubbles prevent any physical interaction with the outside world for the people inside it and reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, while also providing a safe environment for them.

So for these reasons, a big bio bubble will be set up for the entire cast and crew of The Gone Game 2 and they will be prohibited from moving out of the hotel until the shoot is wrapped up.

Shweta tells us, “This is certainly going to be an experience unlike any other. I never once imagined that I’d be living in a bio bubble at a certain point in my life!

But safety against covid-19 is of utmost concern and importance, and while I’m very excited to reunite with The Gone Game team in person for its second season, I’m also glad all measures of safety are taken into consideration.”

She further added, “This really helps me with my character because Gone Game is about Covid and a family whose life has changed completely because of the Covid.

Staying like this in bio bubble is extremely eerie. When I came here I couldn’t see humans, vehicles, empty tall buildings, so I planned to use that for my character and for the feels.

What is also interesting about the Gone Game it is so relevant, there are other shows of mine whose plot is not affected by Covid whether it’s Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein, Mirzapur, their world is not affected by Covid.

But the world in which Gone Game is set is as close as its gets to reality. So information that is available online, news on latest updates on Covid, which wave is coming all that helps with our storytelling as well.”

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