Shekhar Ravjiani created a new record by releasing his 14th single

Famous composer and singer Shekhar Ravjiani has launched his 14th single of this year ‘Ishq-e-Mareez’ under his record label ‘Garudaa Music’. The song, composed with music by Shekhar Ravjiani himself

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Shivam Sengupta, Anuj danait, Zehlin, Shekhar Ravjiani

Famous composer and singer Shekhar Ravjiani has launched his 14th single of this year ‘Ishq-e-Mareez’ under his record label ‘Garudaa Music’. The song, composed with music by Shekhar Ravjiani himself, is written by Rajat Arora and features Anuj Danait, Shivam Sengupta, and Zehlin, a talented 17-year-old student of Global School-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music (GSSRSM).

Nurturing the next generation of musical talent

The song marks an important milestone in the mentorship journey undertaken by Shekhar Ravjiani in collaboration with Global Schools Group (GSG), which nurtures the next generation of musical talent.

Launch event of the song: In an interactive session at the press conference to mark the launch of 'Ishq-e-Mareez' at GSG's Witty International School on Tuesday, 12th December, Shekhar Ravjiani, Country Director, GSG India, Ashish Tibdewal, and Zehlin introduced the media personnel to the song and Addressed in the context of the vision behind it. GSF President Shri Atul Temurnikar was also present on this occasion.

Praised the new talent: Shekhar Ravjiani said on the occasion - “Zehlin, who hails from Global Indian International School, one of the 12 institutes under GSG, is one of my most promising students and I am very proud to see her talent as she works in this field.

Speaking on the occasion, 17-year-old student Zehlin said, “I am extremely grateful to Global Schools Group, Mr. Ravjiani, my family, and everyone who supported me in making this possible. This is truly a dream come true moment and I am confident that this amazing opportunity will pave the way for my future in the music industry.”

Committed to nurturing artistic talent: GSSRSM, the brainchild of Shekhar Ravjiani, was started three years ago in collaboration with GSG. The music school is a testament to his commitment to nurturing artistic talent. Through this collaboration, aspiring musicians like Zehlin get unparalleled access to high-quality training, learning materials, and a rich repository of video and audio examples to hone their inherent skills under Shekhar's mentorship.

Collaboration with Global Schools Foundation (GSF): An initiative of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF), GSG's network consists of 12 international schools around the world, home to 45,000 students from 70 countries. The network believes in holistic education beyond academic knowledge and is dedicated to providing its students the platform to achieve excellence.

Ashish Tibdewal, Country Director, GSG India, says “Our focus has been to identify, groom and nurture talent like Zehlin by providing our students the platform and resources to reach their potential in various fields. We have several programs with industry associations in the fields of sports, science and technology, leadership and entrepreneurship, performing and fine arts that provide our students with the opportunity to excel in their areas of interest.”

The school has successfully nurtured the talents of many students in various aspects of music including singing, playing musical instruments, composition, and songwriting.

GSF President Atul Temurnikar expressed pride in the student's achievement and said that it was great to see one of our students reach such heights of success at such a young age – “We are glad that our efforts have found wings. The aspirations of our students are coming to fruition. The aim of the collaboration with Shekhar was always to enhance our excellent education, and the success of Zehlin proves that we are on the right track.”

Shekhar's commitment to music education extends beyond the boundaries of GSSRSM. Through engaging workshops and collaborations, he has enriched the music landscape in schools affiliated with the Global School Group and reached out to students in India, UAE, Japan, Malaysia, and other countries.


- Shantiswarup Tripathi


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