How many turns and twists in the movie 'Wah Kaun Thi?'

The beginning of the picture is exciting and thrilling. Eye-catching on screen. Dr. Anand (Manoj Kumar) is driving his car on a deserted road in a village and is going home late in the evening. There are dark clouds in the sky.

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How many turns and twists in the movie 'Wah Kaun Thi'

The beginning of the picture is exciting and thrilling. Eye-catching on screen. Dr. Anand (Manoj Kumar) is driving his car on a deserted road in a village and is going home late in the evening. There are dark clouds in the sky. Then it gets dark and it starts raining heavily. There are potholes at many places on the road. He is damaged, and it happens that when Bashi is driving the car in heavy rain, a young woman (Sadhana) in a white dress is seen in front of the car. Anand stopped the car and questioned him. What is she doing in this night and rain, where does she want to go, where should we leave her? Anand asks her this and asks her to sit in his car. As soon as she sits, the windshield wipers turn off. Then the road ahead is not visible. On this she says, I can see everything. I will show you the way. Anand starts the car and is soon shocked to see blood on his hand. On this she says, I was taking a picture. Its color is this. The car takes several turns and the girl asks the car to stop at one place. This is a cemetery. As soon as the young woman gets out of the car, the windshield clears, the wipers turn on, and the cemetery doors open automatically. He felt a little scared. The young woman enters the cemetery and disappears.

A film released sixty years ago

The question that comes to Dr. Anand's mind is, “Who was she?” 'Wah Kaun Thi?' is a film released on 7 February 1964 in Mumbai. Sixty years after its release, the songs of this suspenseful psychological thriller are still a joy to listen to on a quiet evening or while driving on the car's tape recorder. There is a unique chemistry between the horror of the picture and the music in it. 'Wah Kaun Thi' (English: 'Who was she?') is a very good and effective thriller of that time. The film is written by Dhruv Chatterjee and directed by Raj Khosla. The film was produced by N. Sippy, did it? This horror has benefited a lot from the film being black and white.

There are some turns and twists in the film. That girl's name is Sandhya. She appears and meets Dr. Anand again. There is no such thing, it is an illusion. Does Dr. Anand's elder brother Ramesh (Prem Chopra) have some devious plan in all this? Another shock is that they also have a twin sister who looks exactly like Sandhya. Dr. Anand has a special crush on his friend Seema (Helen). The second half of the film is shaped by many such things. Contemporary critics did not find the sequel very interesting or exciting. Film lovers were not impressed. They liked the sense of mystery and possession in the film. The film became a super hit. This is what we want. Silver jubilee success of twenty-five weeks at Central Theater in Girgaon, Mumbai. In the film K. N Singh, Raj Mehra, Dhumal, Praveen Chaudhary, Mohan Choti, Ratnamala, Paul Sharma, etc.

The story of the film was with Guru Dutt

This story was with Guru Dutt. He was going to make a film about this. But for some reason, this could not happen. Raj Khosla knew this. He took the story from Guru Dutt and the script from Dhruv Chatterjee in the form he wanted. Many such tricks are adopted to make films interesting. A director has his vision. There are some tricks of the trade when taking a film to an audience.

One can never tell who will succeed. Raj Khosla's choice of medium for the 'heroine-led mystery film' is significant. By then Sadhna had been directed by Vijay Anand in 'Hum Dono', Sadhna was in form after the success of 'Mere Mehboob' directed by S H Rawail. The success of Wah Kaun Thi established Sadhna. Success is the currency in the world of cinema. In 1964, Sadhna's 'Wah Kaun Thi?' And 'Rajkumar' (Shammi Kapoor hero), 'Dulha Dulhan' (Raj Kapoor hero. Sadhna did not like it at all. Laughing). It was Raj Khosla who once again cast Sadhna as the heroine in the mystery films 'Mera Saaya' (1966) and 'Anita' (1967) directed by him. 'Mera Saaya' is a remake of the Marathi film 'Pathlag' (1964) directed by Raja Paranjape... (Hindi Movie)

Many people raised questions on the selection of Manoj Kumar. But Raj Khosla was determined. This is how the director sees the film on paper and in casting. From this film, Manoj Kumar started standing behind the cameraman and learning how the scene in front of him looked, and how it was filmed and from here he started thinking about moving forward independently as a film director. There are also 'behind the scenes' things. This was the beginning of Prem Chopra's career. He worked in a Punjabi film. Although jobs were available in Hindi also, there was still a huge demand. An artist is like that. As soon as he accepted the film, some big filmmakers were said to be angry. He was going to give Prem Chopra a break as a hero. There are some things but such stories are born.

The silver jubilee hit of the film gave relief to composer Madan Mohan

The silver jubilee hit of the film was very important for composer Madan Mohan. The songs were a hit (even today) but the pictures were a forever flop for Madan Mohan. This film gave him great relief from that. The lyrics are by Raja Mehndi Ali Khan and the music is by Madan Mohan. What happens when songs of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, singer Mahendra Kapoor, and Raj Khosla are played on the silver screen and all the tunes are taken? Lag Ja Gal Phir Phir Hansi Raat Ho Na Ho, Jo Hume Dasta Hume Naruai Kyun Aap Roye?, Shokh Nazar Ki Bijli, Naina Barse Rimjhim Rimjhim, Chhod Kar Tere Pyaar Ka Daman… Every song maintains the scary mood of the picture. One special thing in this is that Raj Khosla had rejected the move of 'Lag Ja Gale...' five times. N Sippy was also saying no. However, Madan Mohan believed that the song would remain popular for years to come. But as soon as Manoj Kumar realized the importance of this song, it was included in the film. (With time he came to be known as a director with a deep understanding of film music). During this period, Padmanabha was assistant director to Raj Khosla in many films. Ultimately he became an independent director with Raj Khosla's film 'Do Chor' (1973).

Films of that time used to have lots of Humor

There used to be a lot of humor in mystery films of long ago. The special thing is that despite the lack of technical facilities at that time, the thrill was created very well. The suspense remained intact till the end. Sometimes that wasn't very interesting, but that was okay. Soundtrack was a major strength of such mystery films. And this horror was considered mainstream. Mahal, twenty years later, Kohra's move was further boosted by the success of Woh Kaun Thi. Bhoot Bangla, Mera Saaya, Gumnaam films of this era. (Hindi Movie)

In the seventies, Ramsay Brothers took the patent of ghost films and brought many horror films like 'Do Gaj Zameen Ke Nahle', 'Andhera', 'Darwaza', 'Puraani Haveli'. It is also true that this picture has generated a large audience. In our country, every type of film has an audience. And that's why in the seventies, matinee shows, street films, and then the video 'Wah Kaun Thi?' Similar films continued to be presented to the next generation of fans. They started liking it. Raj Khosla's directorial journey spans suspense films (Woh Kaun Thi, Mera Saaya), social films (Do Vadaati), love films (Prem Kahaani), dacoit films (Mera Gaon Mera Desh), etc. ‘Wah Kaun thi’ is a director's film. It has the power to keep the audience glued to their seats.


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