Remembering Mehdi Hassan: From Bicycle Shop Worker to King of Ghazal

Explore the timeless legacy of Mehdi Hassan, a maestro whose soulful ghazals continue to captivate hearts worldwide. His unparalleled musical treasure remains a cherished part of the world of ghazals, ensuring his presence in our dreams forever.

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Mehdi Hassan
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Mehdi Hassan's death anniversary: 'Ab ke hum bichde toh shayad kabhi khwabon mein mile', the world of ghazal will no longer be the same without the great singer Mehdi Hassan, who has left behind an unmatched legacy and a treasure trove of soulful melodies, loved by millions on both sides of the border for his golden voice, the 84-year-old ghazal player, whose death anniversary is today i.e. 13 June, died in a hospital in Karachi due to multiple organ failure, was one of the last symbols representing the shared cultural heritage of India and Pakistan, his demise has brought an era of lyricism and poetry to an end

Singers were from Kalawant tribes 

Legendary artist Mehdi Hassan's tomb shows signs of neglect - Celebrity - Images

An inspiration to generations of singers from both countries, Hassan's mesmerizing voice and range made him the 'Shahenshah-e-Ghazal', 'Aaye Kuch Abr Kuch Sharab Aaye'; 'Patta Patta, Boota Boota'; 'Dil-e-Naadaan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai' and 'Dil Ki Baat Labon Par Lakar' are among his hits Hassan was born on July 18, 1927 in Luna village in the Indian state of Rajasthan to a family of traditional musicians Belonging to the 16th generation of musicians from the Kalawant clan, Hassan received his musical training from his father Ustad Azim Khan and uncle Ustad Ismail Khan, both of whom were traditional 'Dhrupad' singers He started performing at an early age and his first concert was with his elder brother on 'Dhrupad' and 'Khyal'

I got my first break on the radio 

Mehdi Hassan: Musician hailed as the maestro of the 'ghazal' | The Independent | The Independent

Hassan's family migrated to Pakistan at the time of Partition in 1947 when he was just 20 years old. The family lived in poverty but despite the hardships, Hassan's passion for music did not wane and he continued his routine of 'riyaaz' on a daily basis. In an attempt to meet both expenses, Hassan started working in a bicycle shop. The singer got his first break in 1957 on Radio Pakistan.

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