Sudhanshu Pandey's musical collaboration with Nandy Sisters is a hit on Instagram: It has been a fantastic experience… the response has been amazing

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Sudhanshu Pandey's musical collaboration
Sudhanshu Pandey’s love for music is not unknown. The Anupamaa actor’s latest collaboration with Nandy Sisters— Antara Nandy and Ankita Nandy— has been the talk of the town after his post on Instagram. Many are wondering if there is something in the offing. Not to forget, he was part of a popular music band called ‘A Band Of Boys earlier and recently released his solo love song ‘Dil Ki Tu Zameen’. While his fans were happy to have the singing side of him back in action, Sudhanshu too is working towards making more music.

Sudhanshu Pandey's talk about Nandy Sisters

“Well, the Nandy sisters, especially the older one, Antara, is a fabulous singer and had sent me a message on Instagram and expressed her desire to collaborate with me. She sent her profile also. I went through it and realized that she was on top of the job. She's been working with Shankar Mahadevan, Salim–Sulaiman, among others, so I readily agreed. I told her that let's do this and we've done two collaborations, we released the first one yesterday (July 4, 2023), and the next one will be out very soon. And it has been a fantastic experience,” he smiles.
The response around their mash-up of hit tracks ‘Chod Do Aanchal’ and ‘Yeh Ladka Haaye Allah’, are amazing. Sudhanshu is obviously happy and grateful.
“It's a beautiful thing when people also appreciate you for your skills other than acting. Now more people know that I have been a singer too and was with ‘A band of Boys’. They have also started to see me in a different light, the way I am… The kinds of responses I get are very encouraging and heart-warming,” he smiles.

Sisters Nandy ‘Dil Ki Tu Zameen’ also did well

“I feel absolutely elated with the kind response my single got even though I'm not a conventional vocalist. As an actor, I may be popular and win awards, but as a singer, to crack into the market where there are so many brilliant artists is quite something. And amid all these, I came out with a single and got such a great response makes me feel humble. People made reels on that as well and I think that is the first sign of success. I'm very, very happy and grateful to God that my song received so much love,” he says.
Call him a versatile personality balancing acting and singing and he is quick to add, “I don't know if I can call myself versatile but yes, I have a few skills as an artist, and I think it’s better to make use of them. There's nothing really to balance. It's all a part of my personality and as an artist, if I call myself a performer then I am happy that I can perform more than one art form. When I was in the band we used to dance as well and so the more you can do, the better it is as an artist as you get recognized for more skills than one.”
Ending it with more gratitude and thanking his fans as well as Nandy sisters for joining hands with him, Sudhanshu says, “I would also like to say that, I'm extremely glad that I collaborated with Antara and Ankita. And, I also feel that they have a really bright future as singers and they will do really well. I would like to collaborate with them again in the coming times.”
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