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Suicidal thoughts build up over a period of time, try and notice if anyone in your circle shows such signs and needs help, says Aanushka Ramesha

For Aanushka Ramesh mental health is the ability to manage and deal with different human emotions.
It is also the ability to respond positively to the situations in our lives, rather than reacting to them –Jyothi Venkatesh

“Ramesh herself went through depression when her mother passed away”

The Kal Hamara Hai actor feels mental health is equally if not more important than physical health because it is our mind which ultimately governs our physical well-being.
“I think most people are not aware of the concept of mental health and therefore tend to overlook the same”
It is definitely neglected, though educated people and developed countries are definitely now getting conscious about it.
We all have to deal with some stress or the other on a day-to-day basis. Our lifestyles are such that it cannot be avoided. But developing positive habits will help us to deal with it better,” she says.
Ramesh herself went through depression when her mother passed away. For about six months she was in complete isolation and couldn’t bear to face people.
“With the support of family and friends I came out of it” Aanushka Ramesha
Now I have actually trained my mind in such a way that I rarely feel low. And even if I do I just do something that I enjoy to take my mind off it.
Meditation definitely helps. It has many physiological benefits as well. Practicing kindness towards people also makes you happy,” she says.
On what she thinks contributes towards good mental health, Ramesh focuses on developing habits such as meditation, exercise, yoga, eating healthy, developing good relations with people, being grateful, involved in social activities, staying connected to family and friends, having pets, music, dance etc.
Being a part of a demanding profession, the actor agrees that it takes a toll on everyone working here.
At the same time she disagrees on the fact that people in the entertainment industry go through depression and anxiety more than anyone else.
“The entertainment industry is a soft target for many issues because it is always in the limelight and in the eyes of people” Aanushka Ramesha
I don’t think it is possible to quantify the stress that one goes through. Even high-profile corporate jobs or people involved in stock markets could have very stressful lives.
But the added thing if you are a part of the entertainment industry is being in the limelight all the time unlike most other jobs.
However if you are focused, patient and determined there is nothing you can’t handle,” she explains.
And what would she say about people associated in the industry taking their lives? “It’s disturbing to hear about suicides in the entertainment industry or anywhere else for that matter.
Especially in the last year, the number of suicides has been appalling. Seeing all this I feel it is very important to have a healthy support system.
Usually, when one is alone and facing anxiety these kinds of thoughts come in the mind.
Also, suicidal thoughts build up over a period of time so try and notice if anyone in your circle shows such signs and needs help,” she adds.