Gurdeep Kohli Channels Strong Motherhood for 'Vanshaj' Performance

TV News: “I draw from my observations of my strong mother and my own emotions as a mother,” says Gurdeep Kohli about her performance in the current track on Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’

By Shilpa Patil
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Vanshaj is a family drama dealing with fiery conflicts within the Mahajan household-centered primarily around inheritance norms. This situation ignites intense conflict within the Mahajan family, fueling a heated rivalry between Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) and DJ (Mahir Pandhi).

Gurdeep Punj, portraying Bhoomi Mahajan in 'Vanshaj,' shares her views on the current intense track. Bhoomi, amidst a heart attack, remains deeply concerned for her jailed daughter, Yuvika. Gurdeep finds this storyline emotionally challenging yet rewarding, emphasizing the profound mother-daughter bond depicted. In a candid conversation, Gurdeep delves into her journey and experiences on the show, Excerpts:


Bhoomi's life has been an emotional turmoil. Does it take a toll on you as an actor?

Yes, Bhoomi's life has been in emotional turmoil. Every other scene of mine is emotional, involving crying and praying for my daughter’s well-being. It can be very draining. I try to disconnect from these emotions because they can linger on. However, a mature actor knows how to deal with this challenge, deliver the emotion, and then quickly come out of it. That’s what I try to do—deliver the performance and disconnect quickly. As a mother in real life, it gets a little easier for me to prepare for such roles as the seed of emotion comes from my own experiences as a mother, which helps me build the character emotionally.


The recent track showcases Bhoomi's resilience and inner strength. How do you prepare for such challenging roles?

Being a mother myself, the seed of Bhoomi's emotion is already within me. I draw strength from my experiences as a mother and from my strong mother. All our mothers are strong, and I incorporate nuances from my mother and myself into the character. Like Bhoomi, I want the best for my children and work hard for them. I channel my personal life experiences to develop Bhoomi's character.

Gurdeep Kohli talks about his performance in Sony SAB vanshaj back story

‘Vanshaj’ recently completed one year. How has Bhoomi's character evolved over the years?

It feels wonderful to have completed one whole year. Bhoomi Mahajan has grown stronger and more developed over this time. She has shown many shades—happiness with her kids, concern for Yuvika, and a protective, warning mother. The audience has seen various facets of Bhoomi, and there are more layers to come. She will continue to be a strong mother, trying to protect her daughter and clear her path of obstacles. I’m looking forward to the new stories and developments in Bhoomi’s character.


What has been the most challenging part of playing Bhoomi during this intense storyline?

The most challenging part has been dealing with the emotional turmoil of Yuvika’s struggles. As an actor, it can be draining sometimes. Drama series thrive on emotions, which makes it challenging to deliver a performance that feels intense.

The recent promo showcases DJ's reign coming to an end. What does this mean for Bhoomi and Yuvika?

DJ's reign ending signifies the moral of the story—that good prevails over evil. This is a pivotal moment for Bhoomi and Yuvika, representing a victory of their perseverance and righteousness.


How have the fans responded to the current track? Have you received any memorable feedback?

Bhoomi Mahajan has a strong fan following. I often receive DMs with fans expressing their concerns and excitement about the show’s developments. This shows how connected my followers are to the show. When I’m out, people frequently ask about upcoming episodes of Vanshaj. The show’s unique blend of thriller and family drama has resonated with viewers, and I receive a lot of love for my character’s chemistry with Yuvika. The writers have done a wonderful job creating Bhoomi’s character, and I truly enjoy playing her.

Are there any behind-the-scenes moments that stand out during the filming of this intense track?

There are no specific behind-the-scenes preparations. For my intense roles, I draw on my observations of my strong mother and my own emotions as a mother. I dig deep into these feelings to portray Bhoomi Mahajan authentically.


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