Udne Ki Aasha: Where does Sailee and Sachin's relationship stand?

Udne Ki Aasha, which is produced by Rahul Kumar Tewary in collaboration with Rolling Tales Production, is keeping the audience hooked with its constant twists and turns.

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Udne Ki Aasha Where does Sailee and Sachin's relationship stand

Renuka Praises Roshni; Tensions Flare Between Sachin and Sailee

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In Today's episode, Renuka is worried that Tejas hasn’t returned home. Sachin warns her that Tejas needs to repay 27 lakhs to stay in the house, and he suspects Renuka was part of Tejas's plan. Renuka rebukes Sailee when she offers her warm milk, calling her a servant. Meanwhile, Tejas and Roshni grow closer in the hospital. Sailee is deeply hurt. Sudhakar taunts Sailee, suggesting she is living with both her ex-fiancé and her current husband under the same roof, and if she needs a third husband, he is available.

Renuka Praises Roshni; Tensions Flare Between Sachin and Sailee

Udne ki aasha where does sailee and sachin's relationship stand? | Culture  Crossroads

In Sunday's episode, Renuka is impressed with how Roshni took care of Tejas in the hospital. Sachin and Roshni get into a tiff at the cash deposit counter in the hospital, hitting a wrong chord. Sailee taunts Renuka, asking Shakuntala how she is doing since Renuka used to meet Tejas under her name. Renuka claims that both Sachin and Sailee bring bad luck to the house, to which Sailee retorts back. Sachin brings sweets to celebrate Tejas's failure in love and money but ends up hurting Sailee by calling her a burden. Sailee asks Sachin if he wants her to leave the house and what is the truth about their relationship is.
Stay tuned to see what happens next.
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