Mayapuri Reporter Shilpa Questions Vicky Jain in Bigg Boss Press

Bigg Boss 17 Exclusive: Vicky Jain's Candid Response to Mayapuri's Shilpa on Ankita - Press in the House Unveils Intriguing Insights Ahead of the Grand Finale!

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Mayapuri Reporter Shilpa Questions Vicky Jain in Bigg Boss Press

Bigg Boss 17 has now moved towards its final, and before this final, the media asked questions to the people present inside the house on the occasion of 'Press in the House', in which Mayapuri Magazine reporter Shilpa asked Vicky Jain questions about Ankita. Asked. Let us tell you what that question was.

Relationship Insights: Navigating Challenges Together

Vicky Jain

Is this show more than Ankita for you? Whenever on Weekend War, you are explained that you should not behave like this with Ankita, and when both of you a discussion have, then you blame Ankita and then she says sorry to you. You also have a dominating nature towards Ankita, what would you like to say about this?

Let us both come on the journey of this house. Ankita talks proudly about her friendship with Munawwar. If ever she has an argument with Munawar on anything, she will not talk to him. He has complete space and freedom from my side. I am also a husband, I am also possessive, I am also on national television, and I too can feel bad about anything. I have always respected their individuality and with this respect comes the freedom to take decisions and behave as per their own. When I do something and she interrupts me, it makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. I ignore some things but Ankita is very vocal about her feelings and hence when she says something and if I react to it then she questions it again and then people start asking me why I did this. Did. I believe that clapping cannot be done with one hand.

Bigg Boss Press

You said that clapping is done with two hands, so do you believe that it is your fault somewhere?

Yes, and so that day I stood there in the bathroom and told her that maybe my approach should have been polite. If you speak with a little humility, you can still talk even if the words are bad. I think we both have made mistakes somewhere. There is a world of difference between watching an episode from outside and living it here. We are under a lot of pressure here. Many emotions come organically and we do things accordingly. This relationship is probably the most important and biggest for me and maybe there is so much trust in this relationship that is why we become so free with each other because we know that we are not going anywhere.


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