Yagya Bhasin: Reflecting on Becoming 'Chhota Bheem'

Yagya Bhasin, a nine-year-old boy who suddenly became a star by playing the role of Kangana Ranaut and Jassi Gill's son Aditya in the film "Panga", has now turned 14 years old.

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Yagya Bhasin Reflecting on Becoming 'Chhota Bheem'
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Yagya Bhasin, a nine-year-old boy who suddenly became a star by playing the role of Kangana Ranaut and Jassi Gill's son Aditya in the film "Panga", has now turned 14 years old. But after 'Panga', along with his studies, Yagya Bhasin did a different kind of selective work instead of working like common child artists. After 'Panga', he played lead roles in three films including 'Bal Naren', 'Vishva' and 'Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayan'. The film 'Chhota Bheem' is going to be released in theaters on May 24.

Recently the conversation with Yagya Bhasin went like this...


How did you develop a passion for acting since childhood?

-I used to watch a lot of TV and movies from a very young age. I used to watch more TV, cartoon films, and action films. Suddenly one day it came to my mind that I also wanted to be seen on TV. I also want to be seen in films. But I didn't know how this would happen. Due to childlike curiosity, I started searching and reading things related to films on the internet. Then at the age of six, I told my father Mr. Deepak Bhasin that I wanted to act in films. At that time I told my father that I wanted to act in Hollywood films. Because I was watching a lot of Hollywood movies on TV. My father was working in a high post in Nainital High Court. They considered my words as a kid's joke. But I kept following them. Then my father felt that his son was serious. Then one day my father said, but where are Hollywood films made? How will we get there? Then both of us started searching about this matter on the internet. My father discussed this with some of his friends and came to know that Hindi films and serials are shot in Mumbai. Then there was a deep discussion between mom and dad. And one day my father announced that he would take me to Mumbai to fulfill my wish. But his condition was that I would concentrate on my studies in Mumbai also. Finally, when I was seven years old, I came to Mumbai. My father rented a house in Bhayandar and got me admitted to school. Now every day I go to school in the morning and go for auditions with my father in the evening. Ultimately, my and my father's hard work paid off and I first got the opportunity to do a cameo as a child artist in the TV serial "Mere Sai". After that, the car did not stop again. Studies and acting are going on simultaneously.

What did you do after “Mere Sai”?

-After acting in the serial “Mere Sai” for almost two months, my self-confidence increased. I thought I could act. While acting in 'Mere Sai', I was just learning. I learned camera angles, dialogue delivery how to make facial expressions, and all this. During 'Mere Sai', I used to sit on the set and watch other actors acting and try to understand what the director was saying.

While doing 'Mere Sai', I got the opportunity to do some ad films with great actors like Shahrukh Khan, and Amitabh Bachchan. After 'Mere Sai', I did some web series including 'The Office'. Did some TV serials including ‘CID’, and ‘Krishna Chali London’. After this, in 2020, I got the opportunity to do the film “Panga” directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari Madam. In this film, I played the role of Aditya, the son of Kangana Ranaut and Jassi Gill. After that, I played the character of Sharansh in the serial “Yeh Hai Chahatein”. This character got tremendous fame. Then I got the opportunity to play title roles in the films 'Bal Naren’ and ‘Viswa’. Both these films will also be released soon.

You have played the title roles in 'Bal Naren' and 'Viswa', so are these children's films?

-I have played the character of Naren in 'Bal Naren'. This film is about a cleanliness campaign. This story is about a village boy, who wants to clean his entire village. He believes in the ‘Clean India’ theme and wanted to keep the village clean when the ‘Covid’ pandemic started. Because I want to keep my entire village 'Covid free'. Similarly, I have played the character of Vishwa in the film ‘Vishwa’. Vishwa is a blind child. He cannot see. Whereas he wants to be a part of the marathon race. The story of the entire film is about the challenges faced by the blind child and how Viswa fights against those challenges and fulfills his dream.

What kind of preparation did you have to do to play the character of blind Viswa?

-I watched many videos of blind people on YouTube and carefully observed their walking, their body language, etc. I also went to the organization of blind people for two to three days continuously. He used to try to learn by observing the people there. When I used to go to the blind ashram, I used to observe very carefully the way the children moved their eyes. How is he using other parts of his body? How does he try to overcome his lack of eyes? For example, how he moves his hands. What kind of eyes do they have? The director of the film also conducted a workshop. While shooting for the film 'Viswa', I got so engrossed in the character that it took me time to become normal again.

These days, “Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayan” is in the news. How did you get this film?

-I was concentrating on my studies after completing the shooting of 'Bal Naren'. That's why one or two films were rejected. But when I got the offer to audition for 'Chhota Bheem', I got excited. I grew up watching the cartoon series 'Chhota Bheem'. This is my very favorite character. I even broke my hand once while imitating Chhota Bheem. So as soon as I heard the name Chhota Bheem, I got excited and when I went to audition, I was thinking of only one thing that I should get an opportunity to play the character of Chhota Bheem. But I was not selected the first time. Casting director Mukesh Chhabra called me for an audition four to five times. The day I was told that I had been selected, I was very happy. But it was decided that there would be a three-month workshop with all the artists, after which the final decision would be taken. Due to our enthusiasm, we worked hard in the workshop. In this way, after a full five months, I was selected for 'Chhota Bheem'.

You must have had to learn a lot to play the character of 'Chhota Bheem'.

-As a preparation for playing this character, I started watching the cartoon series 'Chhota Bheem' again. This gave me the feel of the character of Chhota Bheem. Tried to capture his dialogue delivery. Started stitching etc. Took action training. Practiced dialogue delivery. Also learned some exercises.

Chhota Bheem wears a dhoti. Have you ever worn this kind of outfit at home before playing this character?

-No not a complete outfit, but I did wear a dhoti once or twice to make an Instagram reel. The khaki-like outfit that Chhota Bheem wears above, I had never worn it before. In this type of costume, most of the body is not clothed, so when action scenes had to be done, and that too in the cold season, then it felt quite cold. It was very cold at night in Rajasthan. It was cold in Hyderabad also. Because we were shooting in December and January, the dhoti also got exposed from the legs many times, so due to this attire we had to face cold, this was the biggest problem. As soon as the scene was over, I used to wear a jacket on top, so that I could protect myself from the cold until the shot was done. But we could not wear jackets during the shooting.

Have you ever had to fight with someone in your personal life to help or save your friend?

-No...Normally I don't fight with anyone. But if someone is determined to fight fiercely, I don't back down.

In the teaser of this film, you are seen wrestling with a six-foot-tall, extremely strong man. How were such scenes done?

-This scene has been filmed with Sadiq sir. A technique was used for this. Both of us were fitted with harnesses. Still, I got hurt in my fingers while wrestling with him. Despite the harness, it was not easy for me to lift him. The harness does its job. But before that, we also had to do something.

In this film, there is a whole gang of children including Chutki along with Chhota Bheem. Who is this? Can you tell me a little?

-Chutki is closest to Bhim in this gang. She is Bheem's best friend. Both believe in doing every work together. Then Bheem has a friend Raju. Then there is Jaggu. There is a talking monkey, who talks in a human voice. He helps us. Then Bhima's opponent is Kalia. Kaliya is always ready to fight with Bheema. Then there are Dholu and Bholu, who sometimes support Kalia.

You have also danced in the character of Chhota Bheem?

-Yes yes! I got the opportunity to do everything in this film. I have been fond of dancing since childhood. After coming to Mumbai, my father explained that an actor should also be an expert in dance. We have seen actors doing different types of dances in every film. So, there is 'Kings United Dance Studio' at some distance from where we live, I got dance training from there. I had taken dance training. Therefore, when the dance director used to tell us the dance steps on the set, it became very easy for me to follow them.

Apart from small children, this film also stars veteran actors like Makrand Deshpande and Anupam Kher. What were your experiences working with them? In the teaser release ceremony of the film, Makarand Deshpande had said that he learned from you children...what was this?

-Actually, we children had learned from Makarand, sir. But Makarand Sir is a very humble person. That's why he said this. He is truly a great artist and human being. He used to become a child himself on the set. He also used to play with us whenever he had time during shooting. He used to take care of us. He used to sit on the set during every action scene of mine and he used to repeatedly ask people to give me water and take care of me. Anupam Kher is also a good person and artist. He also used to play games with us. He used to help us a lot during the scenes also. We also enjoyed working with Sanjay Bishnoi.

What kind of games did children play with each other on the set?

-All of us children mostly played only those games which we could play while sitting. Couldn't make much noise or fuss on the set. So we used to play games like snakes and ladders, business, atlas, antakshari, etc.

What was your experience of working with the film's director Rajeev Chilaka?

-Rajeev sir is an amazing director. I am grateful to him that he allowed me to play my favorite cartoon character on screen. This is the first Indian cartoon character on which a live film has been made.

Now the film is going to reach theaters on May 24, so will rats be running in your stomach?

-Yes yes! I am very excited. We have worked hard to make this film a great entertainer. We are confident that our film will be liked by people of every age and class. Especially those people who like watching the 'Chhota Bheem' cartoon series will like this film very much. Those who have not seen this series will also enjoy watching this film.

What to do in the future?

-I want to act in Hollywood films in the future as well. I am also fond of writing. I am writing a long story, of which I have written ten chapters.

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