Anshuman Jha & Rasika Duggal to Grace London Red Carpet

Rasika Duggal and Arjun Mathur's Lord Curzon Ki Haveli, directed by Anshuman Jha, was selected as the 'Closing Night Film' at the prestigious UK-Asian Film Festival.

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Anshuman Jha & Rasika Duggal to Grace London Red Carpet
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The film, which has been making waves on the film festival circuit for the past six months - 'Lord Curzon's Mansion' - provides an insight into Asians in the UK. Actor Anshuman Jha's directorial debut will have its historic British premiere at the prestigious UK-Asian Film Festival 2024 on May 11 at Regent Cinema. It is expected that Anshuman Jha will walk the ramp with his heroine Rasika Duggal on the red carpet in London. Previously, the film had its world premiere at IFFM Australia, as well as it had its North American premiere at CSAFF Chicago. It had its Canadian premiere at ISAFF Vancouver, it's European premiere at Razor Reel, Europe's largest genre film festival, and its Indian premiere at WENCH&Red Lory. Finally, the film will return to the UK where it was shot. Meanwhile, everywhere and every time, the jury has described it as "a truly inventive film and with a very desi twist, thereby dedicating it as a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock with its post-colonial subtext (full of dark humor) it will be a great watch for British Asians and diverse audiences."

Anshuman Jha's 'Lord Curzon's Mansion' to Close UK-Asian Film Festival

Anshuman Jha, who recently became a director, says, “The way my film is returning after being appreciated in every country, it feels like a full circle. The film 'Lord Curzon's Mansion' is a film about Asian people in the UK. We shot it in Yorkshire - 4 hours from London and I think over the last 9 months the film's festival tour through IFFM Australia, CSAFF North America, ISAFF Canada, Razor Reel Europe, Wench, and Red Lorry in India. The UK-Asian Film Festival is now ending in 2024. We are all excited to bring our black comedy thriller to UK audiences as the closing night film, ahead of its worldwide release later this year.

The film's lead actor Arjun Mathur says, "I found the script of this film strange and interesting from the very beginning, I think that's what attracted me, early on. It was the fact that I didn't get a chance to categorize it very neatly into any one particular genre –whether it is a thriller film? Or is it a black comedy, is it a mystery? This is what the critics and audiences around the world are getting from the film and they are loving it. We are excited to have our British premiere at the UK-Asian Film Festival 2024 in London.”

The film starring Rasika Duggal, Arjun Mathur, Zoha Rehman, Paresh Pahuja, and Tanmay Dhanania is a black comedy thriller produced by Golden Ratio Films and First Ray Films.


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