"I can write a whole book on my father" Elvish Yadav

YouTuber Elvish Yadav, the winner of the second season of Bigg Boss OTT, remains a part of the headlines every day. Let us tell you that the third season of India's first gaming show 'Playground' is going on along with Elvish,

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I can write a whole book on my father Elvish Yadav
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YouTuber Elvish Yadav, the winner of the second season of Bigg Boss OTT, remains a part of the headlines every day. Let us tell you that the third season of India's first gaming show 'Playground' is going on along with Elvish, Abhishek Malhan i.e. Fukra Insaan will also be seen. The pair of Elvish and Fukra was also liked a lot in the Bigg Boss house. Let us tell you what Elvish said about this.

‘Playground’ Season 3: Your Success after Bigg Boss

‘Playground’ Season 3 has become a hit and that too because of you. After coming out of Bigg Boss's house, you have remained in the limelight. There are reports that a film of yours is also coming, what would you like to say about it?

I would like to say that all this is the grace of God and I have the blessings of the people who like me, remain in the spotlight even today. Because what I have seen to date in the history of Bigg Boss is that I think people disappear after Bigg Boss. They all go somewhere or the other. Now call it luck or bad luck with me but for some reason or the other we remain in the limelight.

Elvish Yadav Ka Swag In Playground Season 3

Your new song was with Mahira Sharma which went quite viral. People liked your swag in that song. So, is Elvish like this in real life too?

In the song, it was like I go and get my friend freed from them, and in real life also something like this happened.

There are many types of rumors associated with your name. What is your reaction to these rumors?

I enjoy it. I feel that I am important to them, and that is why they are talking about me, whether it is good or bad. No one is ignoring me, my name is on everyone's lips, and so, what could be better for me than this?

Would you like to tell us something about your two upcoming films?

Two films are coming but I can't talk about them right now.

There are reports that you will be a part of the upcoming season of the reality show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi'. What would you like to say about this?

There are some games in Khatron Ke Khiladi in which there are crocodiles and they have to be picked up and kept from one place to another. I am very afraid of crocodiles, so if there are crocodiles, I will not be there. And if there are no crocodiles then I will think.

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People go to Khatron Ke Khiladi only to get rid of their fear, so don't you think that by going to your show, your fear of crocodiles may also get dispelled?

No, I don't want to bring out that fear. I have to keep that fear in my mind that we should be afraid of someone because I am not afraid of anyone else.

Aren't you afraid of your father too?

I love my father. And that is called respect, not fear.

You recently went to Nagpur for your fan meet where you got a lot of love. Recently, Munawar had gone to Mohammed Ali Road for a fan meet where eggs were thrown at him. So has any such incident happened to you?

No, no such incident has happened to me but whatever happened is also wrong. When you are in such a situation where so many people stand against you at once, you feel bad because you are left alone but I think along with success, if you meet some well-wishers, then some bad people. See you too. By the grace of God, nothing like this has happened to us and we would not want this to happen to us or anyone.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Elvish Yadav Entry Confirmed Viral Video SPECIAL Message  Abhishek Malhan - Filmibeat

Recently you gave an interview to a news channel in which you wore simple clothes, and people liked your style a lot. So didn't you think at that time that your look would go viral?

No, I don't think so. Right now I am on the set so I am ready, otherwise I do not like to dress up like this or wear elaborate clothes. I am more comfortable in lower and a T-shirt. You must have seen in Bigg Boss also, that everyone used to live well, I used to live a little differently. I believe that the people who come to see me come to see me and not to see what I am wearing. Those who love me understand all these things.

Your journey started with YouTube, after that participating in reality shows, appearing in music videos and now you are going to be seen in films, so how challenging was all this for you?

It is very challenging, sometimes I think about how I will be able to face so many challenges, and then an invisible power comes to me, and after that when I say “Chain Kuli ki Main Kuli” everything becomes cool. Whatever I am doing is very difficult and requires a lot of power.

How much did you charge for your two big upcoming films?

I don't work for money, I work for love. If someone speaks to us out of respect, we join hands and walk with him. We are hungry for love.

So didn't you even take the signing amount?

Why didn't I take it, I will take the money, it is necessary, how will I run the house?

If you go back a month or two, there were a lot of controversies about you but still, your style did not change, so is it the support of your family or is there any political support behind this?

Why should we go back two months, I always think ahead and move forward only by thinking about the future.

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Your father loves you very much and supports you, so what would you like to say to your father?

I can write a whole book on Dad. I would like to say that I love you very much and I know that you also love me very much. I understand that even if you scold me, you scold me only for my good. I am happy that I got such a father and as he said that he wants a son like me in every birth, then I will also say that I also want a father like me in every birth.

Abhishek is also seen with you in 'Playground' Season 3 and your bonding with Bigg Boss is amazing which the fans like a lot, so what kind of bonding are you sharing with him in this show?

I want him to perform well and his team too and we want our brotherhood to be visible. We have a good pair, sometimes we pull his leg and sometimes he pulls ours. There is no such rift between us. This is our step towards positivity.

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What would you like to say to your fans?

You all watch my video and give it so much love, for which I thank you very much from the heart. I would pray to God that you always stay with me and support me like this.

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