This is how these celebrities are making sure the earth remains green and clean.

Here’s how these celebrities are protecting mother earth From disposing off waste carefully to keeping water taps closed, this is how these celebrities are making sure the earth remains green and clean. 

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World Earth Day: Here’s how these celebrities are protecting mother earth From disposing off waste carefully to keeping water taps closed, this is how these celebrities are making sure the earth remains green and clean

Anupama Solanki 

I have 5-6 used phones that are not working and I am going to recycle that phone to save my Mother Earth. In our house society we are using Wet waste and dry waste separately so it helps Mumbai BMC and Mother Earth safe for the environment but still there is no solution for plastics. I have to dry and waste differently but I have to use plastics. I think the government should ban plastics and create some other options so we can make the environment safe. Second, I always try to use less electricity so other people get electricity. 

Ankit Bathla 

For me, making sure the Earth stays happy isn't just about doing major stuff; it's those small actions that really count. Things like remembering to turn off the tap, planting trees, and looking after the ones already growing. These might seem small, but they add up and make a big difference in keeping our planet healthy.

Varsha Hegde

To be completely honest, I really don't like using plastic bags. Instead, I opt for cloth bags whenever I go shopping. Plus, I've found a great way to handle kitchen waste: I use it as fertilizer for plants. This helps us avoid harmful pesticides and gives the plants valuable nutrients, making them healthier overall.

Simple Kaul 
Firstly, I thank Mother Earth and the sun. I thank the plants for being there for us. There's a lot of gratitude that I have for Mother Earth. We have a lot of plants to play at home, though I don’t have a balcony at home but still I plant. Whenever, wherever we can we should encourage people. Recycling water is a great idea one must use. We should be wasting too much water and be aware of how we can conserve water. I don’t use plastic bags, plastics are out of our life. We must avoid throwing plastics, bag in the water. It’s basic humanity. We should know that we are harming someone else’s life. I think on birthdays we should plant a tree and it’s a sweet message we should give to everyone.
Gulfam Khan Husaain 
You have a garden in your home' this is the most frequent comment I get when someone visits our home for the first time. I love plants, I propagate them and if I find a plant someone has discarded because it has wilted, I get it home and try to revive it. I feel if you consume oxygen you need to learn ways to conserve and help create more of it. I'm very conscious about wet and dry garbage segregation, avoiding plastic bags as much as I can and recycling too, it's also important to use food waste as a fertiliser by making a compost of it. Being a plant lover is not sufficient; you need to propagate to society and teach children. They are good listeners, fabulous learners and curious. So, you can teach them to plant different seeds and make it like a fun project for them. Varsha Hegde To be very honest, I don’t prefer using plastic bags. I use cloth bags everywhere. And I use kitchen wastes as fertilisers, which keeps us away from harmful pesticides. It gives plants very good nutrients. And is also very healthy. 
Manjari Mishra 
On a daily basis, I focus on conserving water by using recycled water when possible and minimising waste by separating wet and dry garbage for proper disposal. I also make sure to avoid single-use plastic bags and containers, opting for reusable alternatives. Additionally, I keep plants at home to improve indoor air quality and contribute to a greener environment. To further preserve Mother Earth, I believe promoting renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, and advocating for sustainable practices in industries are crucial steps. Education and awareness about environmental issues are also essential for fostering a global commitment to protecting our planet. 
Megha Sharma 
I don’t use plastics at all. Even if I have a party at my place, I use disposable cups or plates which are eco-friendly. You get garbage bags that are for wet and dry waste. And the tea dust that remains I use it for my plants. I keep doing certain things. Anything that is easily disposable I plant it. While grocery shopping, I use only my cloth bag. Also, I believe there should be a total ban of plastic in packing food. We should use bamboo bags. The government should understand and make bamboo or exp- friendly bags that are affordable for vegetable vendors. These little things can make a big change. Plastics are the most dangerous and harmful for our Mother Earth.
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