Anuj Draws Inspiration from Vegetable Vendors for Kapali's Voice

Anuj Sachdeva has been an actor as well as a model. Sachdeva has worked in films, television commercials, and TV shows. He participated in the reality show 'MTV Roadies' in 2005.

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Anuj Draws Inspiration from Vegetable Vendors for Kapali's Voice
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Anuj Sachdeva has been an actor as well as a model. Sachdeva has worked in films, television commercials, and TV shows. He participated in the reality show 'MTV Roadies' in 2005. Sachdeva is known for the role of Amrit in 'Sabki Laadli Bebo' and the role of Sahil Sengupta in Colors' popular show 'Swaragini - Jode Rishton Ke Sur'. He has worked in romantic comedy films like 'Hawa Hawai', 'Love Shagun' and two Punjabi films; has worked in 'Pollywood Me Haani' and 'Police'. Let us tell you that Anuj is seen playing the character of Mansen in Sony SAB's popular show Dhruv Tara. For information, let us tell you that Anuj was seen in the role of Kapali in the ongoing track of 'Dhruv-Tara'.

Let us tell you how was his experience of playing this character.

Right now the track is going quite different, what would you like to say about the upcoming track?

First of all, I would like to say about the show that 'Dhruv-Tara' is a show in which you get to do a lot as an actor. Somewhere or the other you get a chance to do something very different from your personality. The name of my character in the show is Mansen and apart from this, I had done a character of Kapali in it and now when Dhruv has gone back to his childhood, he is performing very differently. The person playing the character of Dhruv does research on his character in great detail and works very hard to make his character even better. It is a lot of fun to work with him. Now that his character has become a child, it is very interesting to watch him perform. When Tara Bijli is still there, it is a lot of fun watching her perform. Even when I am in the scene, I keep looking at Tara, it is a lot of fun watching the way she performs. I have learned a lot from all this too. After that I got the character of Kapali to perform. I have never done any character beyond my comfort level and Kapali was a character beyond my comfort level. Initially, I didn't know how it would feel. For the character of Kapali, they made me wear a saree and along with it jewelry. It took me two hours to prepare for this character. And it took a lot of time to take it off. On the day when both Kapali and Mansen were shot, half of my shift was spent in changing. One day I changed three sarees and that day I realized how difficult it is. I salute all the women. If I ever have a girlfriend or wife, I will easily give her three hours to get ready. Because I can understand that wearing saree is not easy. From this character, I understood that wearing a saree and getting ready is not an easy task.

Anuj Draws

You get many flavors in Dhruv-Tara. The best thing I like about being an actor is that you can live many lives. This show has given me that. When Kapali's character ended, I was sad because it was a lot of fun doing it. When I changed my voice for Kapali, everyone said wow! Wow! Used to speak. A voice was also heard from behind the camera, wow! Wow! When Kapali's character was over, one day our DOP asked me to speak in Kapali's voice once. Everyone was missing Kapali's voice on the set. I feel good when I do something different and people like it.

Anuj Draws

Did you do any special preparation for the character of Kapali?

When all the preparations for this character were done, the problem arose regarding the voice of this character. Because to date whoever has played a transgender character, his voice has been matching to give a dominating effect. And Kapali's character is a villain so he will also have to be shown dominating. The male voice that was there was Mansen's and I could not create any other male voice and there was no time to experiment much in television. After thinking a lot, I felt that its sound should be such that when you hear it, it disturbs you but you also feel what kind of sound it is. Whenever I used to come to the set every day, I used to cross Malad and Google all the transgender people there. I had never thought so carefully about this track before it came out. But when this track came, I learned some gestures from him. If I talk about voice, I have picked it up from when I used to live in Delhi. Although I have not told this to anyone, when I lived in West Delhi, there used to be a sound that was that of vegetable sellers. They speak in a very loud voice. I copied their high-pitched tone from there.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Whenever I get a chance, I will keep entertaining you like this. Thank you very much for supporting me for so many years and loving me so much. If you stay, we will also stay.

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