Bigg Boss Ex-Contestant Jigna Vora on Munawar & Ayesha's Controversy

I was in the Bigg Boss house for 43 days, and my journey has been very good. Many contestants gave me respect, and what more can I ask for? No one was quarreling with me, so who would I quarrel with?

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Bigg Boss Ex-Contestant Jigna Vora on Munawar & Ayesha's Controversy

How do you look at your Bigg Boss journey?

I was in Bigg Boss house for 43 days, and my journey has been very good. Many contestants gave me respect, and what more can I ask for? No one was quarreling with me, so who would I quarrel with?

Have you been disappointed by any contestant in this journey?

Everyone has come there to play their own game, although I have not been with Ayesha I am disappointed with her. What he did is wrong, one should not speak so much about someone's character on national television. Whatever problem there was between him and Munawar, it should have been resolved personally.

Rinku ji has also come out of the house, so have you met her?

Yes, we all met on Tehelka ji's birthday. And we also met during a lunch party. There was a whole group of us so it was great to meet everyone. Our entire group consisted of me, Neil, Aishwarya, Rinku ji, Abhishek, and Munawar. We used to call our group Bigg Boss 177.5, and we all used to have fun together.

Would you like to say something about the controversy going on between Munawar and Ayesha? And have you talked to Nazila?

I haven't talked to anyone. I also did not know Ayesha before entering Bigg Boss's house, nor had I ever heard her name from Munawar’s mouth. Whatever is happening with Munawwar for the last two to three weeks is very wrong. I feel bad for both Munawwar and Ayesha. We should not judge anyone. As of now, Munawar has not made any allegations against anyone, so we should wait for him to come out, and also listen to his side of the story. If he is silent about whatever is happening, it does not mean that you should keep saying anything against him, there is still some time left for the finals, so let him come out and then you will know what the truth is.

After Ayesha Khan & Munawwar

Regarding the allegations that Ayesha talks about with the rest of the house, do you think whether those allegations are true or false?

I can't give any opinion on this and I don't even want to. Is she saying what she is saying after thinking it through or is she saying it after being nominated? I believe that if you love or love someone, then even if a time comes when your love for that person ends, your respect for that person does not end. And if she loved Munawar then how could she behave like this with him? I have no problem with Ayesha, but tarnishing someone's honor by appearing on national television is not called love. As per the world I have seen, this is what my experience says.

There was a press conference regarding your previous journey in Bigg Boss, and now that you have come out, how much do you feel your life has changed?

Yes, life has changed a bit. Everyone loved me a lot. Even inside the Bigg Boss house, the contestants gave me a lot of love and now even after coming out of the Bigg Boss house, I am getting a lot of love from the people. Today, if I go somewhere, people say, “Mam, you are very strong”, but I want to say that I do not know whether I am strong or not, but circumstances make everyone strong.

Abhishek with Samarth

Abhishek was first evicted from the house and later he re-entered, so do you think Abhishek deserves to stay in the house, and what would you like to say about whatever Samarth and Isha did to him?

Don't know whether Abhishek deserves to stay in the house or not but he deserves to be in the top 2. Both Abhishek and Munawar are good boys. Whatever happened to both of them inside the house these days will teach them a lot in life? If you repeatedly harass a person, he will retaliate. Samarth has been harassing him since day one. It is not right to break someone mentally so much for a trophy. I am proud of myself that for the sake of a trophy, I cannot stoop so low as to make fun of someone's mental health or break someone mentally.

Vicky's mother had come during Family Week, and this time too she is being trolled, would you like to say something about it?

Vicky Maa is very sweet. They don't know how people take things and what the media can do. Her perspective is different, she sees her world from a different perspective. She is the head of the house so she lives like a head and perhaps she spoke to the media in the same manner. Everyone is right at their place. Let's see what happens after coming out.

Munawwar or Abhishek

In whose hands would you like to see the trophy?

I would like to see it in either Munawwar or Abhishek's hands. The way things are going, Ankita also deserves it. I want either Abhishek or Munawwar to win.

Would you like to share something with your fans about what you want to do after Bigg Boss?

After Bigg Boss, I started writing my second book. My first book was 'Behind Bars in Byculla' and the second book is going to be 'From Behind Bars in Bhaikhla to Bigg Boss'. This book will be my 12-year journey including Bigg Boss. People are very interested in my love life, wherever I go people keep asking, so let's see, maybe I will write something about that in the next book.

Behind Bars in Byculla

What would you like to tell your fans?

I am very thankful to everyone for giving me so much love accepting me as I am and loving me like this.


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