Colors TV's new serial 'Mangal Lakshmi' is the story of two sisters.

Deepika Singh i.e. audience's favorite Sandhya of 'Diya Aur Baati Hum' is making a comeback with the Colors TV serial 'Mangal Lakshmi'. In the show, Deepika is playing the role of elder sister Mangal

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Deepika Singh i.e. audience's favorite Sandhya of 'Diya Aur Baati Hum' is making a comeback with the Colors TV serial 'Mangal Lakshmi'. In the show, Deepika is playing the role of elder sister Mangal, while Sanika Amit is making her debut with the role of Mangal's younger sister Lakshmi. Let us tell you that this serial is the story of love and trust between two sisters. The story is of Mangal's journey to find an ideal husband for his beloved Lakshmi.


Your new show is coming, the promotion of which is going on in full swing. How are you feeling?

Sanika- I am very nervous and excited because this is my first show. I think I'll have a lot of fun with this. I have been a radio jockey, so I have done voice acting, and now I am moving towards acting. One thing that is common in both is to connect with the audience.

Deepika- My heart is full. When I was at home for so many years, somehow I did not know that I liked these things so much. When I met Madhuri Ma'am I heard that her mother used to watch my show and she liked my show. Madhuri Ma'am and Sunil Shetty sir know me and this in itself felt like a big achievement to me. When I gave a mock test for this show, I felt very happy to see that the director and DOP of the show had so much respect for me. I didn't know that I had done such a big job but I feel very good when I see respect in the eyes of the audience. I felt that people wanted me so much that I came back. I was living my life like a normal person and was happy too. Now that I am coming back, I feel very good. I am very thankful to God and Colors for giving me this opportunity.

Your character Sandhya Rathi had become a part of every household. What are the reasons why you are making a comeback after such a long time?

Deepika- At that time I had worked a lot continuously and hence I needed a little break. At the same time, I started exploring Odissi dance. And after some time I came to know that I was pregnant. Life had changed a bit after becoming a new mother. It was my responsibility to take care of Soham. I have received a lot of love from people, and somewhere I have a lot of patience as an actor. And somewhere I know that I am talented and my work is not going anywhere. Whenever I work, I will work from my heart. At that time I felt that it was important for me to take care of Soham and do some activities that would keep my mind positive. It is not easy to leave all this at the peak of your career and live a normal life. Now that I am coming back and getting so much love from people, I feel very good.


You said you have been a radio jockey. How was the experience of working with Deepika and other co-actors during the shooting?

Sanika- I was a radio jockey but along with that, I am also a content creator. I have always been interested in acting. If I talk about co-actors, everyone is very helpful and all are very nice people. I thank God very much that I have found such good people.

A very lovely bond between the two sisters is visible in the promo. What would you like to say about this?

Deepika- When I see Sanika working, I feel like she is me when I came in 2011. That girl also left everything from Delhi and came to Mumbai and Sanika also left Nashik and came to Mumbai. I understand the pain of what it is like to leave your home and come to another city. The life of an actor is very tough. Getting a role is a matter of great luck but being successful in that role getting people's love and especially gaining respect for yourself in the eyes of the set people is a big thing. A journey that every actor has to go through. Sanika is a very intelligent girl and is doing great work.


The show talks about the respect of women, what would you like to say about it?

Deepika- This show says a very beautiful thing “My sister should get a groom who gives her respect.” We are only asking for a pinch of respect and we are not asking for anything more. A woman should get respect, honor, and equal status. We are also showing Mangal's life in the show and telling why Mangal wants this for Lakshmi. We have tried to show in the show how your disrespect hurts someone. Like we scold our mother by saying, “Mummy, why did you make this or that today,” without understanding the reason behind it? When we go out to work, we bow before 150 people and behave well with them, but we do not do the same with our family members. And so our relationships start deteriorating. Give respect to everyone, whether it is your workplace or your home. There should be respect in every relationship, if you respect someone then only that person will respect you.

Sanika- This show tells the story of two sisters who stand for each other. I feel that the character of Lakshmi will become an inspiration for women in the future in the show. Which will tell you to speak up wherever there is a need.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Sanika- We are coming on Colors from 27th February at 9:00 pm asking for a little space in your hearts, may you get it.

Deepika- I would just say that don't take anything for granted. Work hard and never think that there will be a shortcut to anything. If you start working hard today, you will get results after five years. You have to work hard every day. After many years I liked a show, and you all were asking me for many years about making a comeback on TV and now I am coming back with this show. Watch the show and give it lots of love.



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