Dhruv-Tara: What's in my phone with Anuj Sachdeva?

Anuj Sachdeva has been an actor as well as a model. Sachdeva has worked in films, television commercials, and TV shows. He participated in the reality show 'MTV Roadies' in 2005.

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Dhruv-Tara What's in my phone with Anuj Sachdeva
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Anuj Sachdeva has been an actor as well as a model. Sachdeva has worked in films, television commercials, and TV shows. He participated in the reality show 'MTV Roadies' in 2005. Sachdeva is known for the role of Amrit in 'Sabki Laadli Bebo' and the role of Sahil Sengupta in Colors' popular show 'Swaragini - Jode Rishton Ke Sur'. He has worked in romantic comedy films like 'Hawa Hawai', 'Love Shagun' and two Punjabi films; has worked in 'Pollywood Me Haani' and 'Police'. Now he is seen playing the character of Mansen in Sony SAB's popular show Dhruv Tara.

Manit in Sony SAB's 'Dhruv Tara' as Mansen

Which phone do you use?


What is the most dialed number on your phone?

A number on which I had dialed many times but now I deleted it. But right now I will give a cliché answer, so my mother.

What was the last photo you took?

I recently went to watch 'Madgaon Express' and I liked the film very much. I had taken a photo of the poster of that film to put on the story. I also messaged the people associated with the film because I liked the film very much and I also liked everyone's work. All three actors in the film are from the theater and the web, so it is an inspiration for other actors that if you perform well then one day you can work in films too.

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Who did you send the last text to?

There's a girl I'm trying to impress. Now I don't know whether she is impressed or not. Can't tell his name.

What was the last thing you Googled?

I have wanted to do snowboarding for a long time. Many people had posted pictures of Gulmarg, Kashmir. And there is snowboarding. And I was Googling about the same.

Which emoji do you use the most in text?

These days I am sending heart emojis.

What is your best selfie on your phone?

I realized that I do not belong to that generation that hides half of their face while taking selfies. So now I take mirror selfies like her.

Any selfie or picture that seems worse to you.

The worst photo is the one I took on Holi, in which I am not visible.

What is your phone's home screen photo?

I had seen an interview with Cillian Murphy and even before that, I had started following minimalism. In that interview, he said that try not to have anything on your screen. That's why my screen is also blank.

What was your last food delivery?

I had sent a cake for someone's birthday because I was not able to go.

Anuj Sachdeva's 'smart' interiors - Hindustan Times

Have you ever broken your phone in anger?

No, I have not done this but I have a habit that my phone keeps falling. One of my very bad habits is that whenever something falls, I kick it so that it does not fall flat and the phone screen is saved. But in this process, my phone has broken many times in very nasty ways. I was on the balcony and the phone slipped from my hand. If it had fallen normally then perhaps only the screen would have broken but I kicked it and it fell straight out of the balcony. After that, I bought this phone and it also has some cracks.

Do you let people look at your phone?

Yes. When I am in the car, my phone is kept in the center and if someone is sitting with me in the car, then he can see it, which is very dangerous.

Did you enjoy this segment?

Yes, now you all know that I am sending heart emojis to someone and am also sending a cake, so now you will easily understand who that person is.

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