'Janani AI Ki Kahani': A new unique show for the new age

MAJ Production's unique serial 'Janani AI Ki Kahani' has been launched on Dangal TV. The show is produced by Mrinal Jha and Abhigyan Jha. The concept of this show is very unique.

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Janani AI Ki Kahani
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MAJ Production's unique serial 'Janani AI Ki Kahani' has been launched on Dangal TV. The show is produced by Mrinal Jha and Abhigyan Jha. The concept of this show is very unique. From the trailer of the show, it can be estimated that how a mother uses new technology to create a robot that looks like her daughter. Artists like Mouli Ganguly, Sumit Kaul, Prapti Shukla, Nitin Guleria, Priyank Tataria, Meghna Kukreja, Mithali Pandey, and Varun Jain will be in lead roles in the show.

New Show Launch: Cast and Producers Gather

On the occasion of the launch of the show, the show's producers Mrinal Jha and Abhigyan Jha, Mouli Ganguly, and Prapti Shukla, who are playing the role of mother and daughter in the serial, were also present. Apart from these, Priyank Tataria and Meghna Kukreja from the cast of the show were also present.

The concept of this show is new, what would you like to say about it?

Molly- I just hope that people like this show. Abhigyan Air and Mrinal Ma'am have created something new which has all the masala but its setup is a little different.

Mouli ganguly on being part of abhigyan and mrinal jha's janani ai ki kahani

What would you like to say about your character?

Prapti- As everyone has seen, the name of my character is Tara who is ill, she lives with her mother and she is her support system. I can't say anything more than this.

I enjoyed playing this character a lot. I am also doing a lot of adventuring in this. Did an action stunt in which I was a little scared but I also enjoyed it a lot.

Abhigyan- He did the stunt very well. Just once he saw the stunt double doing it and he did the rest of the scene himself.

Janani AI Ki Kahani Premiere: MAJ Productions Celebrates!

The show is getting so much love, what would you like to say about it?

Mrinal- Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come. You will get everything in this show which is not available in other shows because its subject is completely different. In this show, we will explore AI which the whole world is talking about today. This show will provide information along with entertainment.

The concept of this show is very unique, so what research was done for it?

Abhigyan- No such research was done. We all keep reading about AI these days. We did not expect that such things would ever be seen on TV. We are very happy that we got to do something on this subject.


Is she also like the character Sifra from Rajinikanth's film Robot and the recently released film 'Teri Baton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya'?

Abhigyan- No, it is not like that at all. Rajinikanth's robot was just a robot, there was nothing like artificial intelligence in it and if we talk about Sifra, she was exactly like a human. This is very different from all of them.

Along with entertainment, there will be a lot of action in the show. Our entire cast is great and we have a lot of fun shooting every day.


The concept of this show is very different from the concept of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and extra-marital affairs of other shows. What would you like to say about this?

Priyank- If I talk as an artist, a person has to be quite bold to bring something new to the market. I feel that the tradition that has been going on in our television needs to be ended a bit. This show is a very good start with a new topic about which the whole world is talking.

On the occasion of this launch, Nyra Banerjee and Harsh Rajput were also seen who have worked with this production house before.

Praising the show, Nyra says, “This show is today's show, and nowadays children like to see AI, robots, and such things. I hope that the children of today's generation will like this show.”


Talking about AI, Harsh Rajput says, “AI is something that has completely entered our lives. Everyone is using AI. I think after this show people will get a little more information about AI. The concept of the show is fresh.”

Do you think that AI will replace humans in the future?

Harsh- The danger has increased.

Nyra- There is a lot of danger because nowadays I am seeing on reels also that young versions of some old actors have been created with the help of AI. Which is becoming quite viral on Instagram. We are afraid that after some time we may not be needed, but originals are originals and no one can replace us.

Janani – AI ki Kahani

AI has positive as well as negative effects, so what would you like to say about it?

Harsh- Prime Minister Modi ji had also said that we should use AI in the right way. I think people should know about its correct use.

Nyra- We should take care of this thing.


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