Madirakshi Takes on First Negative Role: Myth to Mystery

Madirakshi Mundle started her acting career with the 2015 Telugu film Ori Devudoy, in which she played the role of Amrita. After this Madirakshi started her career on television as Sita in the serial 'Siya Ke Ram'.

By Shilpa Patil
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Madirakshi Takes on First Negative Role Myth to Mystery
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Madirakshi Mundle started her acting career with the 2015 Telugu film Ori Devudoy, in which she played the role of Amrita. After this Madirakshi started her career on television as Sita in the serial 'Siya Ke Ram'. After this, Madirakshi did many theological shows which included 'Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi', 'Vighnaharta Ganesh', 'Jai Hanuman-Sankat Mochan Naam Tiharo', and many more. Along with Mythological, Madirakshi has also done shows like 'Jatt Ki Jugni' and 'Tera Baap Mera Baap'. Presently Madirakshi is seen in a new style in the serial 'Qayamat Si Qayamat Tak'. This is the first time that Madirakshi is seen as a negative character.

You are playing a negative character on television for the first time. What would you like to say about this?

As an actor, I always wanted to do something different because it happens in television that when you do a character very well, people start feeling that you can only do that kind of character well. I wanted to bring some variation into my work. And as an actor, I should do different types of characters. When Shaina came to me with this character, I had many questions in my mind about whether I would be able to do this character or not, but an even bigger question was whether the audience would accept me in this character or not. When a daily soap's daughter-in-law goes from a positive to a negative character, no one cares, but if an actress playing the role of a goddess starts playing an extremely negative character, then things are a little different, the thought that remains in the mind is whether People will accept me in this character. I was very lucky that the audience and my fans liked me so much in this character. Now I have understood that this is a door opened for me and that in the future I will get opportunities to play more different characters.

Why did you choose a negative character and not a positive one?

The first thing is that to date I have been playing only positive characters. The second thing is that as an actor I want variety in my work. When I play a character, I should also enjoy playing that character. Like maybe after this I would like to do some positive character. If I keep doing the same kind of work then I will not enjoy it. I think as an actor you should enjoy what you are doing.

How challenging do you find playing a negative character?

Initially, I was a little nervous about this character whether people would like my character or not because in a way, I had become a goddess for them. Because I had played mythological characters for a long time, one thing had developed in me if I went in front of the camera, only positive things would come out of me. Our director Afzal sir is very helpful, he has helped me a lot in playing this character. When an actor is on screen, it is not just the actor performing, but it is complete teamwork. After this, if the actor knows that there is a demand for this character, then he should not face any other challenge because this is the job of an actor. I was only worried about whether the audience would like my character or not. As an actor, I have to do different characters so that I can see what my range is.

Now that you are moving from mythological shows to fiction, will you be seen in reality shows also?

I have not given up on the mythological shows. The love I have received from people has come from the philosophical shows only, so I cannot leave it. He is connected to my heart. I want variety in my work, so I am trying to do different types of characters. I have not left anything, I want to hold on to everything. Right now, I want the variation to come so that further paths open up for me. I want to do such a character that crosses every range.

I want people to know me as Madirakshi, so if any good reality show comes to me, I will do it.

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What kind of reality show do you like?

I like Bigg Boss very much. I also like dance shows very much because I can dance very well. If I get a chance, I would like to do dance shows.

Have you ever been approached for Bigg Boss or Khatron Ke Khiladi?

Talks were going on about Bigg Boss. Things were also finalized but that is Bigg Boss's house, I will reach there only when Bigg Boss wants.

A lot is going on in the television industry these days. Like firing an actor for not following the norms, it has also been heard that many times producers do not pay the actors. And many actors have also complained that they are harassed. What would you like to say about all these things?

I consider myself very lucky that I have not had to face all these things till now, so if I say anything about this then it will not be right. I also heard about what is happening in the industry right now and what happened to Krishna. I also sent him a text. It takes a lot of courage to write whatever happened to him. An actor has to work very thoughtfully. If something is happening to you and you raise your voice about it, your future career may get spoiled. If I talk about norms, then perhaps the producers too must have had such experiences that they have to take such a step.

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How is your experience working with your co-stars, and with whom are you friendlier?

I am a very fun-loving girl. I get along well with everyone. I like people very much and I like making friends with people. That's why wherever I go, I automatically make friends.

What would you like to say to your fans?

I would like to say to my fans that thank you very much for your love, support, and care, and keep your love and support like this.


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