Celebrities Grace the 16th Newsmakers Achievers Awards 2024

The Afternoon Voice-16th Newsmakers Achievers Awards 2024 was held on 1 May. On this occasion, many celebrities from Bollywood and politicians attended the function.

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Afternoon Voice Hosts 16th Newsmakers Achievers Award 2024
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As the name suggests, this award ceremony was organized to honor the newsmakers i.e. the media.

Amruta Fadnavis: Social Impact Advocate

Amrita Fadnavis, wife of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, was also present on this occasion. Amrita wore a pink blazer with a black crop top and black pants and also completed this look with ankle boots. On this occasion, Amrita says, "Be it Balasaheb Thackeray, Lata Mangeshkar, or Asha Bhosle ji, everyone has been honored with this award. Devendra ji was also honored with this award last year. For those who consider themselves, it is a great thing to honor those who are dedicated to the service of the country. This year I have also been honored with this award, for which I am very happy and it has inspired me to do more."

Darshana Jhaveri,Puru Dadeech & Deepak Tijori
Darshana Jhaveri, Puru Dadeech & Deepak Tijori

Now talking about the awards media, Amrita says, "I have always had a good relationship with the media. I feel that they do their work wholeheartedly. They bring true stories and true news. My congratulations to all the media people who have done a lot of hard work.

Kobbi, Jeetendra Pardeshi & Harjinder Kang 1
Kobbi, Jeetendra Pardeshi & Harjinder Kang 1

Film director and actor Deepak Tijori was also present at this award ceremony. Deepak Tijori wore all-black attire for this occasion. On this occasion, Deepak told the media about his upcoming film 'Tipsy'. He told that 'Tipsy' is just an English name, the film is native and it is a thriller murder mystery film that can be watched with the family. Deepak requested people to go and watch this film in the theatre.

Vaidehi Taman,Dr Uday Nirgudkar & Kobbi Soshani
Vaidehi Taman,Dr Uday Nirgudkar & Kobbi Soshani

'The Kerala Story' fame Adah Sharma was also present at the award function. She was also honored on this occasion. Expressing her happiness, Adah says, "All the people present here are Padmashri and veteran artists, and I felt very happy to be among them today." Talking about the media, Adah says, "I am very thankful to the media. Media is the medium that conveys the right things to the audience. The credit for whatever success I have got in this career also goes to you." On this occasion, Adah wore a purple colored Sharara shoot with which she styled Gajra in her hair. Adah was looking very beautiful in this style.

Darshana jhaveri,Amruta Fadnavis & Vaidehi Taman
Darshana Jhaveri, Amruta Fadnavis & Vaidehi Taman

Veteran actress Madhu was also present on the occasion. On this occasion, Madhu was looking very beautiful in cream colored salwar shoot. On this occasion, Madhu says, "Every artist wants his work should be appreciated and loved and today I got the same here." Talking about the media, Madhu says, "I still know some old journalists. I want to tell the media that even when I was in films in the 90s, I got a lot of love from the media and even today I get it and I also love the media very much."

Kobbi Soshani, K C Bokadia & Harjinder Kang
Kobbi Soshani, K C Bokadia & Harjinder Kang 
Vaidehi Taman,Harjinder Kang,Madhoo & Dheeraj Kumar
Vaidehi Taman, Harjinder Kang, Madhoo & Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar,Darshana Jhaveri,Amruta Fadnavis,Madhoo & Vaidehi Taman
Dheeraj Kumar, Darshana Jhaveri, Amruta Fadnavis, Madhoo & Vaidehi Taman
Harjinder Kang,Madhoo,Dheeraj Kumar & Madhoo
Harjinder Kang, Madhoo, Dheeraj Kumar & Madhoo
Vaidehi Taman, Dharamraobaba Atram & Kobbi2
Vaidehi Taman, Dharamraobaba Atram & Kobbi2
Salma Agha,Amruta Fadnavis & Vaidehi Taman
Salma Agha, Amruta Fadnavis & Vaidehi Taman
Vaidehi Taman & Kobbi Soshani
Vaidehi Taman & Kobbi Soshani

The 16th Newsmakers Achievers Award was a testament to Afternoon Voice's commitment to honoring individuals who are making significant contributions to society and inspiring positive change.

- Ayushi Sinha

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