Government of India will honor Ali Gani with Padma Shri

Rajasthan Ki Mitti aur sanskriti se jude maand ke mahaan gayak aur sangeetkar Ali Gani Ko Bharat sarkar bahut jald padmashri Award se sammanit karne ja Rahi hai.

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Ali Gani
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The Government of India is going to very soon honor the Padma Shri award to Ali Ghani, the great singer, and composer of the folk song Maand, which is associated with the soil and culture of Rajasthan and is one of the famous folk tunes of Rajasthan. When his name appeared at number 77 along with Ali Muhammad and Ghani Muhammad in the list of Padmashree awardees of 2024, not only the faces of the people of Rajasthan lit up but there was a wave of happiness in the film industry as well.

Government of India will honor Ali Gani with Padma Shri

Both Ali and Ghani are brothers and have been working in the field of music for the last few years. They have sung with big singers and are excellent singers themselves. Their musical ability was visible when an album by singer Pankaj Udhas became a super hit. Many stars like John Abraham, Vidya Balan, and Tara Sharma have also entered the film world with Ali Ghani's album and music. When the very amiable, simple, and sweet-natured Ali Ghani was asked in this regard, he said - This is not only my honor but the honor of the entire Rajasthan and the entire film industry.

— Kailash Masoom

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