Sharman Joshi & Anees Bazmee Grace Visaboard's B2B Portal Unveiling

The presence of Sharman Joshi and ace filmmaker Anees Bazmee added a touch of glamor to the red carpet at the unveiling of the game-changing B2B portal by Visaboard,

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Sharman Joshi & Anees Bazmee Grace Visaboard's B2B Portal Unveiling
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Mumbai's bright lights have flickered a little brighter of late, not just because of another extraordinary Bollywood premiere, but also because of the assistance revolution taking place in the often difficult world of visas. The company, which is poised to become the New Era Efficiency for visa consultants, overseas education providers, and travel agents, Visa Board unveiled its ground-breaking B2B portal at a star-studded launch event.

Sharman Joshi and Anees Bazmee Shine at Red Carpet Event

Present on the red carpet was none other than handsome Sharman Joshi and famous super hit filmmaker Anees Bazmee. However, recently Anees got injured in his leg on the last day of recce of his film Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3 and he was taken to the hospital. Now he is somewhat alright.

The presence of Anees Bazmee added a touch of glamor to this momentous occasion, apart from him, visionary founder Hiren Thakkar and co-founder Pranav Desai were also present, along with their brainchild – Visaboard B2B portal.

Sharman Joshi & Anees Bazmee launches  VisaBoard Revolutionizes Visa Assistance Industry with Cutting-Edge B2B Portal (2)

With the launch of this new portal Visa Board Rahat B2B, the hassle of visa paperwork will end and work will start with streamlined processes. This is the magic that Visaboard promises to bring to Visa Assistance. This is not just another software solution, it is a portal built from the heart that aims to transform the way these critical services are delivered.

Gone are the days of tedious manual tasks and endless paperwork. Visaboard's B2B platform is a shining shield, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)/Internet solution specifically designed to empower visa consultants, overseas education consultants, and travel agents. Packed with extensive features, it makes the entire visa application and submission process simple and fast. Just think about the user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and powerful tools that streamline every step from document management to communication with embassies.

Hiren Thakkar, a visionary, could not control his enthusiasm. “VisaBoard is not just an upgrade, it is a tremendous paradigm shift,” he declared. “This B2B portal is about empowering those professionals who help countless dreams, take flight, like visa consultants, overseas education providers, and travel agents. We are giving them the tools, they need, not only to survive but to thrive in today's mobility. market."

Pranab Desai, his co-founder and partner in the innovation, echoed the same sentiment. “With Visaboard, we are not just building software; we are also redefining the standards of efficiency and customer satisfaction in visa support services. It's every feature, every line of code, brings innovation, reliability, and a unique "Built on a foundation of user experience."

Visaboard's impact promises to spread far beyond, impacting not only professionals who navigate the complexities of visas, but also countless individuals whose aspirations extend beyond borders.

Students eager for international education, families seeking reunification, and professionals looking for global opportunities will all benefit from the seamless and efficient visa assistance made possible by Visaboard.

It's not just a launch, it's an announcement that Visaboard is here to revolutionize the industry, set new standards for excellence, and transform the visa application process from an ordeal to a seamless and stress-free experience. The red carpet may have been rolled out for the launch, but the real celebration lies in the countless dreams that are ready to take flight with Visaboard as their guide.

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