Shri Ram's Glorious Arrival: Ayodhya Illuminated with Lamps

When Shri Ram reached Ayodhya after conquering Lanka, on his arrival the entire Ayodhya was decorated with lamps, and the entire country was glowing.

By Bollyy
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Ayodhya's Grand Day Lord Ram's Re-establishment on 22nd January
In the same way, till his return on 22nd January, we should clean every temple in the entire country and decorate it for him. This is what R Vision India Director Ravindra Singh has said, who has started a campaign today to clean the temples of his area. He said that the inspiration for the cleanliness campaign came from Honorable Prime Minister Modi Ji. He started this campaign and we all have to take it forward together.

Ravindra Singh Dedicates Auspicious Song 'Itna Baras' to Shri Ram

On this occasion, he dedicated the song from his new album 'Itne Baras Sapno Ka Abh Auspicious Avsar Aayi Hai Ram Bhakts have written Ram Ram Likhya Hai on Eat Eat' to Shri Ram. This song was written by Neetu Pandey Kranti and the music was given by Praveen Hira. Ravindra Singh believes that Ram is not just a name but our faith, and our belief, but by chanting the name of Ram, all the bad things get resolved. Even while singing this song, Lord Shri Ram was in front of me.
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