Abhishek & Ayesha's 'Khali Bottle' Song Out Now on T-Series!

Bigg Boss 17 contestants Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan's new song 'Khali Bottle' has been released on the official YouTube channel of T-Series. This song has been sung by Parampara Tandon,

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Abhishek & Ayesha's 'Khali Bottle' Song Out Now on T-Series!
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Bigg Boss 17 contestants Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan's new song 'Khali Bottle' has been released on the official YouTube channel of T-Series. This song has been sung by Parampara Tandon, whose lyrics and music have been given by Manan Bhardwaj. Within a few hours of the song's release, the song started trending in the music category. This song depicting the story of love and relationships will touch your heart.

My First Reaction to the Royal Outfit in Our New Song

Your new song has arrived. In which you are seen in royal clothes. What was your first thought when you saw the outfit of this song?

Abhishek- When I saw this outfit for the first time, I was a little shocked because at first, I could not understand how to wear it. That outfit was worn in a completely different way; its zip was visible from the side. The entire outfit was with her which was worn on top. When my entire look was complete, I felt very isolated. We were very happy that we were getting to do something new.

Ayesha, do you think the climax of the song should have been a little different?

Ayesha- We don't get things we need in love? This song is based on love and in this song it is shown why such things happen in love. Its story was so strong, its songs were also very good and its looks were also very good. Manish sir has directed it so well. Our team was so good that I knew something good was going to happen but I never thought it would get this big and that we would get so much love.

Abhishek Kumar, Ayesha Khan's Khaali Botal To Premiere On THIS Date; First  Look Out | TV News - Times Now

This song is also a love song that has romance in it, and such songs have been done a lot in the past too, so did you personally want to do some different kinds of projects?

Abhishek- I did not want to do anything romantic because I was also in that zone of doing less but doing well.

Ayesha- Someone had told him “Quality over Quantity” so he was working on the same.

Abhishek- I did not know that such a thing existed but all I knew was that I have to work less but do good work.

Abhishek Kumar And Ayesha Khan's Khali Botal Song To Release On This Date;  First Look Out - News18

In the reel that you posted together on Instagram, people liked the pairing of both of you a lot.

Ayesha- We shot that song just like that. Abhishek had asked to shoot that video to promote the song ‘Saaware’.

Abhishek- That reel came very beautifully. We didn't even imagine that it would be such a good edit. When that reel went viral, people felt that these two should be taken together.

What kind of response have you received from people on this song?

Abhishek- I was reading the comments, and people have made very good and positive comments. The song is trending and everyone likes it. What could be bigger than this?

Bigg Boss 17's Abhishek & Ayesha

People liked your bonding a lot in Bigg Boss. What kind of bonding has been between you two from that time till now?

Ayesha- I think our bond has gradually become stronger. No one inside the Bigg Boss house knows what people are liking outside the house. Whatever happens, it is very natural and organic. After coming out, we came to know that people liked our bond. After coming out, when we spent some time with each other, we realized that we were not like this just because of the camera. We are really like this in real.

Abhishek- There was more friendship from their side, it was less from my side. But after coming out, our bond became much stronger. When I was standing on the stage in the finals, I could see that she was sitting holding my mother's hand and consoling her. From there I could see that our bond was very good. Even after coming out, our friendship remained intact. We went out together, we even shot reels together. I also went to his house on the day of Eid and now we also shot a song together. We also share our things. Our friendship is very good.

Nowadays, anything said by celebrities on social media is presented in different ways in reels. So what do you think as a celebrity when you see those reels?

Ayesha- First of all I would like to say that I do not consider myself a celebrity because I do not think that I have done anything like this till now. Right now I am just working hard to fulfill my dreams. Inshallah, a time will come when I will be able to see myself like a celebrity. If I talk about these reels, someone's wrong is someone's right. You don't know who has taken what you say in what way. It is not that what I am saying is right, if someone finds it wrong then perhaps I am wrong for them. This is a matter of individual understanding.

Abhishek- I have to explain that I did not mean that. I feel it is my responsibility to make them understand. They understand this thing. Whatever we are today is because of him. So if they feel something is wrong then I explain it to them.

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