Rohan Mehra and Nia Tripathi's new song 'Meherbaani' is out

Rohan Mehra and Nia Tripathi's new song 'Meherbaani' has been released on the YouTube channel of Benediction Films. This is the first time that Rohan and Nia are working together on a project.

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Rohan Mehra and Nia Tripathi's new song 'Meherbaani' is out

Rohan Mehra and Nia Tripathi's new song 'Meherbaani' has been released on the YouTube channel of Benediction Films. This is the first time that Rohan and Nia are working together on a project. The chemistry between them in the song is worth seeing. Both are looking very beautiful together. People are liking the lyrics of the song and their chemistry. The song is sung by Mohammad Irfan. This song will touch your heart.

Question- Would you like to tell us something about how and why special this song ‘Meherbaani’ is for both of you?

Rohan Mehra on 'Meherbaani'

Nia- This is a sad romantic song. The one who has ever loved the one who has lost love and the one who has not yet fallen in love will also relate to this song after falling in love and losing, everyone can relate to this song. This song has been sung very beautifully by Mohammad Irfan, and he is a very amazing singer. The song has been composed by Sanjeev Chaturvedi sir. They have done magic with the songs. The song is so beautiful that we enjoyed acting in it. I just hope that everyone likes this song, the song gets a lot of love.

Rohan- People like our chemistry very much. We shot in Outskirts, Mumbai, the location was very beautiful. Everything was very good there, we shot all the indoor, outdoor, and night sequences there and everything was shot very well. When I proposed them in the song, VFX was used there, but that too looks very natural and realistic. The song sounds great. Everyone has done a very good job. The song is getting a lot of love and it feels great to see it. In this song, I am a soldier which is revealed at the end of the song. When I wore the uniform for the first time, it was a different feeling for me. This is a tribute to all those soldiers who work so hard, and live on the borders, away from their homes and people. We have also shown one such angle in this.

Nia- How much does a soldier's family struggle when a soldier is fighting on the border? Soldiers and their families make huge sacrifices for each other and the country.

Rohan Mehra on 'Meherbaani'

Question- How was the experience of both of you working with each other?

Rohan- We met for the first time for this project but our chemistry turned out to be very good, people have also said this. Nia is a very confident girl. Nia is a dancer, and a dance sequence of the song has been choreographed by Nia herself. The first scene we did together was that we were sitting under a blanket and drinking tea, we had to pretend that we were feeling very cold but in reality, the weather was very hot outside that day. Nia is an amazing actor, she knows everything. Our work was finished in all fun.

Nia- Rohan is a brilliant actor so no such problem happened, everything happened very smoothly.

Rohan Mehra and Nia Tripathi's new song 'Meherbaani' is out

Question- Nowadays, the trend of music videos is going on, and most of the songs are love stories, so what is different in this song and the story that people should watch it?

Rohan- This is a heart-break song. Nowadays people break up very quickly. Everyone will be able to relate to this song, and the song is very good. The biggest reason is the voice of Mohammad Irfan sir.

Nia- The visual of the song is very good, It has been directed by our directors Anand sir and Tanveer sir. The video is very cute. There are a lot of emotions in it, so whoever watches the video will be able to connect with this song.

Rohan Mehra on 'Meherbaani'

Question- How was the shooting experience in the music video, there is a lot to explore in a very short time, and the locations of the music video are also very beautiful.

Rohan- It is a bit difficult to tell the entire story within two to three minutes. If you watch the song, in the first part Nia is remembering me, when you watch the video till the end, you will understand the whole story. Within three minutes we have shown the whole story. I found the sunset scene to be the best in this music video, it is a very beautiful scene. The sunset looks very beautiful near a river. There I gave flowers to Nia, that whole location was very nice.

Question- What kind of response are you getting from fans regarding this song?

Rohan- Fans have been waiting for the song ever since the poster was released, I got a lot of messages to know when this song is going to be released. On the day it was to be released, the song was released in the evening and I started getting messages from fans in the morning asking when the song would be released. When I saw the song myself, I liked it very much. When you work hard and it turns out good and people love it, it feels good. A very good response has been received so far.

Question- What would you like to say to the fans?

Rohan- Our song has been released on Benediction Films, like the song, and if you like it then also share it with your loved ones.

Nia- Give lots of love.


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