Kashmir Enigma of Paradise: Untold History of Kashmir - Atul Garg

Kashmir, known as heaven on earth, always remains in the news for some reason or the other. Whereas Kashmir has its pain and suffering. Thousands of innocent people were killed in Kashmir when Kashmir

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Kashmir Enigma of Paradise Untold History of Kashmir - Atul Garg
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Director, film ‘Kashmir Enigma of Paradise’

Kashmir, known as heaven on earth, always remains in the news for some reason or the other. Whereas Kashmir has its pain and suffering. Thousands of innocent people were killed in Kashmir when Kashmir had to face the havoc of the Turks and Mughals. People have played the game of forced religious conversion here. Thousands of temples were demolished. People talk more about terrorist activities. The films made so far on Kashmir have always had terrorism and bloodshed at the center of their stories. Till now no one has discussed the history of Kashmir and the storm of change in Kashmir. But for the first time, filmmaker Atul Garg has taken this initiative. He is making a film “Kashmir Enigma of Paradise” on a grand scale based on the ninety years of history of Kashmir from 1931 to 2021. After shooting its two schedules in Kashmir, he is now shooting some of its scenes at Ellora Studio located on Mira Road, adjacent to Mumbai.

When we reached there, we were surprised to see the set. But soon I realized that this set looks like Islamabad, Pakistan. Yes yes! When it comes to Kashmir and the history of Kashmir, Pakistan may be mentioned. Yes yes! After some time, actor Raza Murad, playing the role of Mohammad Yusuf Shah, who is in collusion with the ISI Chief in the film, arrives with his colleagues. He reaches a police station in Islamabad and plans to terrorize India with his associates.

Talks to Raza Murad in a spare moment between shooting. Discussing his character, he says – “You already know that this film is highlighting the hundred years of history of Kashmir. This will now be different from all the films made in Kashmir. In this, I am going to be seen in the role of Mohammad Yusuf Shah. Whom people are generally known by the name of Syed Salahuddin. Its alliance is with ISI. He is the head of Hizbul Mujahideen and United Jihad Council, an organization active in Kashmir. Whose aim is to merge Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan in collaboration with ISI? This film is not based on a fictional story but on the real incident that happened in Kashmir."

The film's director Atul Garg says - "Our film is very different from all the films made in Kashmir till now. Our basic objective is to go beyond stereotypes and give an honest portrayal of Kashmir on screen. Which has not been shown in any film yet. This film will highlight the untold history of Kashmir. We are including all the important events from 1931 to 2021 in our film ‘Kashmir Enigma of Paradise’. This film will be very rich in terms of history and Kashmiri values. Through this film of ours, we are telling the world that Kashmir and Kashmiris have once again returned to the mainstream. We may impose anything on Kashmir from outside but Kashmiriyat is not dead yet. We want to take people on an exciting journey to Kashmir through this film. You can also call it a historical and present-day film."

On the question of starting the story from 1931, director Atul Garg says - “There is a big reason behind starting the story from 1931. Kashmir had taken a huge turn since 1931. However, while doing research, we found that Kashmir takes a new turn every twenty-five years. After 1931, when Kashmir took a turn, many types of winds started blowing and very strong winds started blowing. We want to show the truth in our film, we are telling whatever Kashmir has faced so far. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of Kashmir in this film. We have shot this film by going to those places in Kashmir, which no filmmaker has reached till now. We have shot at the heights including Kokarnad, where Bakarwal lives."

Director Atul Garg further adds – “This film will also showcase the real beauty of Kashmir, its lifestyle, food, and culture, beyond the stereotypes often portrayed. Terrorism is unfortunate, but our film is not just about it. We aim to showcase the multidimensional beauty and culture of Kashmir. We are planning to film it in 100 days. We have completed two schedules in Kashmir. After shooting in Mumbai, the next shooting of this film will be done in the beautiful valleys of Manali.

Actor Manish Khanna is going to be seen in the role of a Pakistani Major in the film 'Kashmir Enigma of Paradise'. Manish Khanna, originally from Banaras, came to Mumbai after completing his studies to become a part of the film industry. After coming here, he got everything he needed. Manish Khanna says- “My character in this film is that of Major General of Pakistan. I have only one scene in the film but whatever is there is fun and fantastic.”

Actor Praneet Bhatt, who is playing the role of Bashir Ali in the film, says - "I am playing the character of Bashir Ali, who lives in Kashmir and he designs terrorism in Kashmir. Bashir Ali's boss is Mohd. Yusuf Shah, who keeps giving us instructions sitting in Islamabad, Pakistan. Here I create terrorists and train them. The director has done a lot of research on this."
Produced by Eternal Films, the film stars Darsheel Safary, Rajneesh Duggal, Raza Murad, Punit Bhatt, Manish Khanna, Inamulhaq, Akanksha Puri, Sajjad Delafrouze, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Adhyayan Suman, MK Raina, Arif Zakaria, Pawan Chopra, Amit Bahl, Mahesh Starring Balraj, Praneet Bhatt, Delbar, Arya, Niharika Raizada, and Mir Sarwar in lead roles. The cinematographer of the film is Fasahat Khan, the Head of Production - is Barun Maurya, the Production Designer is Prashant Rane, the Action Director is Sunil Rodrigues and the Publicist is Sanjay Bhushan Patiala.

-Shantiswarup Tripathi

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