Prem Sagar Reveals 'Kakabhushundi Ramayan' Updates on Ram Navami

During the poster launch of the much-awaited television show "Kakabhushundi Ramayan" on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, the producer of this mega show Mr. Prem Sagar revealed some updates.

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Prem Sagar Reveals 'Kakabhushundi Ramayan' Updates on Ram Navami
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Recently, on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, the poster of the much-awaited television show, "Kakabhushundi Ramayan" was unveiled. The release of the poster has created immense excitement among the fans and they are eagerly waiting for updates on the progress of the much-loved show.

Search for Ram and Sita: The Challenge Continues

Producer of this mega show, Prem Sagar recently revealed during an interview that while his team has made significant progress in finalizing other character actors and shooting locations of the show, the search for Ram and Sita is still on. The search continues because the actors of Ram and Sita as per his desire have Still not been found. Prem Sagar said, “The role of Ram played by Arun Govil and the role of Sita played by Deepika Chikhalia in TV's original mega show, 'Ramayana' created by The great producer, director, writer, and wizard of Indian cinema and TV world. Dr. Ramanand Sagar is incomparable to date, which can never be matched and still holds immense significance. So we have to ensure that the right actor is selected for the roles of Ram and Sita. Therefore searching for actors who can match the original TV mega show 'Ramayan' 's' iconic portrayal has proven to be a challenging task."

Prem Sagar, the producer director, gold medalist cinematographer, and son of Dr. Ramanand Sagar,  stressed the need for the lead actors to play the roles of Shri Ram and Mata Sita in his new mega show, 'Kakabhushundi Ramayan', in which not only Ram And Sita should match the physical qualities, such as their divine aura, charming smile and a physique that matches the Aryan form, but they should also be actors who can embody the divinity and religiosity that Lord Ram Ji and Sita Mata represent. The team of Prem Sagar has conducted many auditions, but to date, no one has been able to capture the essence of Ram like Arun Govil.

Despite the challenges, Prem Sagar and his team are determined and hopeful that they will soon find the right actor to play the roles of Ram and Sita, who understand the importance of the roles and are dedicated and committed to delivering a memorable and authentic portrayal of these beloved characters.

Apart from the casting process, the team is also working on finalizing the shooting locations. Most of the show will be shot in Baroda and on the banks of the picturesque Narmada River. However, there are discussions going on to possibly shoot in Sri Lanka as well.

The team of Prem Sagar is in talks with the Sri Lankan Ambassador, who is extremely excited about the prospect of filming the show in his country. The Ambassador sees this shooting concept as an opportunity to promote Sri Lankan tourism and strengthen cultural ties between the two countries. Prem Sagar and his team are also excited by the prospect of shooting in Sri Lanka and are looking forward to exploring the beautiful landscapes and historical sites of the country.

Produced by Sagar World, one of the unique aspects of 'Kakabhushundi Ramayan' will also be the inclusion of the horoscope of Lord Rama, which will display the astronomical arrangement of the stars, on the day of his birth. This rare alignment occurs only once in 7000 years, which adds an extra layer of authenticity and mystery to the show. The Sagar team is dedicated to ensuring that every detail, including the astronomical aspects, is portrayed accurately, giving audiences an amazing experience.

As the search for the ideal Ram continues and preparations for the filming of the series move forward, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Kakabhushundi Ramayan. Along with this, the poster of Kakabhushundi Ramayana has been released on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami. Briefly, during the conversation, Prem Sagar said that the search for Ram is still going on. They have finalized the actors and locations in the show, but till now they have not found the perfect Ram and Sita. They have auditioned many contenders for the role of Ram, but no one could match Arun Govil's iconic portrayal. Prem Sagar emphasized that he needed someone who epitomized Ram's divinity, his looks, his smile, and physique to match the Aryan look. Finding the right Ram has proven quite challenging, but they are determined and hopeful that they will definitely find him. As far as shooting locations are concerned, they will mainly be in Baroda and Narmada Rivers, with the possibility of shooting in Sri Lanka as well. Talks are ongoing with the Sri Lankan Ambassador, who is excited to have them there and wants to link tourism with their shooting. Additionally, an important aspect of the show will be Lord Rama's horoscope, which will show the astronomical arrangement of stars on the day of his birth, which happens only once in 7000 years. ,

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