Amazon miniTV Unveils 'Hustlers: Jugaad Ka Khel' Trailer

Produced by Rainshine Entertainment and starring Vishal Vashishtha, Samir Kochhar, Maharshi Dave, Anjali Barot and Anurag Arora, Hustlers - Jugaad Ka Khel will stream exclusively on Amazon miniTV.

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Amazon miniTV Unveils 'Hustlers Jugaad Ka Khel' Trailer

Amazon miniTV - Amazon’s free video streaming service, today released the trailer for its upcoming entrepreneurial drama Hustlers- Jugaad Ka Khel. Set against the backdrop of the start-up boom that Mumbai witnessed in 2010, the series chronicles the inspiring journey of Sanjay, a middle-class boy who conquers the start-up world with his entrepreneurial bent of mind and sheer determination. Inspired by true stories, the series explores hardship, failure, passion, and winning. Hustlers- Jugaad Ka Khel will feature Vishal Vashishtha, Maharshi Dave, Anurag Arora, Samir Kochhar, and Anjali Barot in pivotal roles.

"Sanjay: Breaking Barriers" - A Journey of Triumph

To add to the excitement around the announcement, the streaming service today released the trailer of their series, which provides a glimpse inside Sanjay's fight against the system that’s laden with hurdles and it is ultimately his creative and non-conventional approach that helped him ascend the stairs of achievement. Taking the audience on a roller-coaster ride, the trailer dives deeper into how he works to create his unique identity, elevating his career graph. The strong storyline of the series highlights the significance of independence in today’s world while narrating the entrepreneurial journey of Sanjay.

'Hustlers: Jugaad Ka Khel' Trailer

"Hustlers" - Chasing Dreams, Defying Odds

Samir Kochhar who plays a pivotal role in the series, added, “Hustlers is the story of an individual who starts from the ground and works his way up chasing his dreams. The story not only motivates the young generation to stand against the odds but is also a lesson for everyone to believe in themselves and stay determined and optimistic. My character, Mihir is that ray of hope in Sanjay's life, that we all need at some point.  He turns into his pillar of support, guiding his journey toward chasing his dreams. I hope the series becomes a source of inspiration for many and that viewers enjoy this captivating treat.”

'Hustlers: Jugaad Ka Khel' Trailer

Vishal Vashishtha, who essays the role of Sanjay in the show, shared his experience from the show: "This script hits home in the current milieu of flourishing entrepreneurship. The narrative embodies the passion, ambition, and tenacity necessary for professional success. In my opinion, any prospective entrepreneur might identify with the show since every setback is transformed into an opportunity and every victory is a noteworthy accomplishment. It was, in my opinion, an incredible experience, and I sincerely hope that the audience will like and support Sanjay as he follows his passion.”

'Hustlers: Jugaad Ka Khel' Trailer

Amogh Dusad, Head of Content, Amazon miniTV, said, “Through Hustlers-Jugaad Ka Khel we look to diversify our content offering and offer a gritty, inspirational tale set in the world of college, startups, entrepreneurship, and business that is relevant to today’s youth.”

Hustlers- Jugaad Ka Khel will premiere exclusively on Amazon miniTV for absolutely free, accessible with the click-of-a-button on Amazon’s shopping app and Fire TV.


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