Armaan Malik & Calum Scott Chat: Only Just Begin Ep. 2

Singer-lyricist Armaan Malik gets candid with English singer-lyricist Calum Scott on the second episode of 'Only Just Begin' on Apple Music.

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Armaan Malik & Calum Scott Chat
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Singer-songwriter Armaan Malik got candid with English singer-lyricist Calum Scott in the second episode of his radio show 'Only Just Begin'.

Armaan Malik's Radio Debut: 'Only Just Begin' with Calum Scott

Singer-lyricist, Armaan Malik, known for his extraordinary musical talent, impressively becomes the first Indian artist to make his radio debut on Apple Music. Musician Salim Merchant was the first guest on his show 'Only Just Begin'. The show received a great response from fans around the world. For the second episode, Armaan Malik is now joined by English singer-songwriter, Calum Scott, with whom he has collaborated for his new single 'Always'.

Armaan Malik

Internationally acclaimed artist, Callum Scott is best known for his hits like 'You're the Reason', 'Dancing on My Own', 'At Your Worst' and many more.
His latest emotion-filled song with Armaan Malik is a love ballad accompanied by piano and orchestra, sung by the amazing duo.

While talking about his much-talked-about radio show, Armaan Malik got into an intense and long conversation with Callum Scott asking him about his experience in India and Mumbai. Callum shared, “It really is just freaking incredible, a country I've never been to before. Although I always wanted to come here. And yes, one thing I've learned about the audience here is how instantly receptive everyone is. It's like I want to be a part of it, whether I'm yelling, waving, or singing, the fans just want to be involved. And I think it says a lot about the beautiful India, the beautiful culture of India, and the kind-hearted people here.

Apart from such conversations, the two also spoke at length about their similar journeys as musicians. Both the superstars started off with reality shows and admit that they are still a work in progress. Speaking about the challenging times during his initial journey and balancing, working a daytime job and then music, Calum Scott shared with Armaan Malik, “Living in that environment, vicariously, I definitely, got ready for this industry. I am very grateful for this because living my dream and making a living from it is more than I ever expected. For me, it was the stars aligning.”


Episode 2 - Listen to the full 'Brothers Across Borders' podcast on 'Only Just Begin' Radio, now streaming on Apple Music.

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