Baalveer is coming back with season 4 from 6th May only on Sony Liv

Children's favorite show Baalveer is coming back once again with a new season. Dev Anand, whom children also known as Baalveer, is once again returning as Baalveer to entertain children and teach them new things.

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Baalveer is coming back with season 4 from 6th May only on Sony Liv
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Children's favorite show Baalveer is coming back once again with a new season. Dev Anand, whom children also known as Baalveer, is once again returning as Baalveer to entertain children and teach them new things. Let us tell you that the first episode of Baalveer was telecast on Sony SAB on October 8, 2012, which kept children entertained for a long time. After this, the second season of Baalveer came in the year 2019, which was very much liked by the children and its third season came in the year 2023. Now once again Dev Joshi will be seen as Baalveer. Let us tell you that the show will be aired on Sony Liv from 6th May at 7 pm.

Dev Joshi Returns as Baalveer

Dev Joshi Returns as Baalveer

This Baalveer is seen in a new style. What are your expectations from this Baalveer?

Dev- Baalveer has evolved a lot over the years. When we started Baalveer in 2012, the scenario was very different from today's scenario. At that time there was not much social media nor was there much exposure. The level that Baalveer has reached today is huge for all of us and we are coming back with Season 4. And somewhere we are continuing the story of Season 3. When Baalveer meets his father whom he is unaware of and how Aageel uses him and how Kaashvi helps Baalveer. All this story will end in season 4 and it is going to be very exciting for everyone. In this new season, new villains will come and some new interesting characters will also come. I hope that the way Baalveer has been loved on television for so many years, he will now receive the same love exclusively on Sony Liv. And Baalveer will continue to get the same amount of love not only in India but also in the world.

Earlier this show used to air on television but now it is coming on OTT. How excited are you about coming to OTT?

Dev- OTT gives you a different exposure because, in today's fast-paced life, no one has time to sit at a specific place and watch the show. And in such a situation, you can go to Sony Liv anytime and Baalveer will be with you whenever you want.

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Even after twelve years, love for Baalveer is still alive in the hearts of people. After all, what is the reason that even after 12 years, love for Baalveer is still alive in the hearts of people?

Aditi- Because the show shows that truth always wins. A lot of negative things happen in people's lives and this show shows positive things. And if people enjoy watching this show and a smile appears on their faces, then this is the reason why Baalveer has been getting so much love for so long.
Ada- Any story that tells us that good triumphs over evil, like we have been watching Ramayana and Mahabharata for so long. And I don't know how many versions of it we have seen but we still watch it and I think Baalveer also gives a similar message which is why it gets so much love from people.
Dev- The best thing about this is that the entire family can sit together and watch this show. That's why we say everyone from 7 to 70 can watch Baalveer.
Ada- It has tragedy, drama, comedy, action, betrayal, and much more.

Baalveer is coming back with season 4

Before the arrival of Baalveer, the superheroes of children used to be the superheroes of American films, but after the release of films like Baalveer or Krish, now the superheroes of children have become Baalveer and Krish. So how do you see this change?

Dev- This change is good. When our Prime Minister Modi ji talks about Vocal for Local, our Baalveer also comes into it and Baalveer has become a big franchise not only in India but also globally. Baalveer is not only telecast in Hindi in India, but the episodes of its season one have also been dubbed in different languages, and from South Africa to Southeast Asia, Baalveer gets a lot of love. I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to play such a good character. The best thing about Baalveer is that it is from India, a country which is progressing very well and whose ethics and culture are praised all over the world.
Tell us about your character.
Ada- My character's name is Aageel and for some time after we finished shooting, I was not able to recognize my face. In this season, Aageel is not only dangerous but she will play like a chess game. There are a lot of new villains in this season and everyone is playing with each other internally. This time also the motive is how can I eliminate Baalveer and Baalveer is going to face a lot of challenges. This time I have entered Baalveer's house, so I have not left any angle from where Baalveer does not get challenged. I think everyone will have a lot of fun this season.

If we talk about challenges, how difficult was it for you to carry your attire?

Dev- The armor that Baalveer has is very heavy, and it also makes my body a little stiff, due to which I have to stay in one position for many hours, and due to this, I started having pain in my neck also. As an actor, if you see, this is our sacrifice for our character, the character which inspires people somewhere or the other. I am also proud of the fact that I am the only one in the whole world who wears this costume. And who is inspiring people and changing their lives with the help of this costume? It's fun being an actor for such a character.
Ada- My costume weighs 22 kg and I wear it for 14 hours every day. There was a scene where the director said you run and jump and come into stance. I would come into stance only when I could jump, the costume was so heavy that I could not jump. It was very difficult to do fight sequences in these costumes. But I also enjoyed learning something new.
Nowadays, the era of films is going on, so if a film is made on Baalveer in the future, then which Bollywood stars would you like to give your role to?
Aditi- We will play our role.

But then if you have to give it to someone, who will you give it to?

Ada- I think Deepika has done something similar in Pathan. I liked his character very much in that film. Katrina has also done a very good job in Dhoom 3.
Dev- I am not able to understand anyone's name because I am a fan of retro heroes. And the name I can think of is Amitabh Bachchan ji.
Aditi- Maybe Alia Bhatt

Dev, your moon trip was going to happen in 2024 for which fans are eagerly waiting. So can you tell us something about when this trip is going to happen?

Dev- I am also waiting for the same thing. This is science and you cannot fast track it because it takes time. When you talk about Starship, Starship is the largest rocket ever built. And it will also take time to fly. Right now its first orbital test trial is going on and we are waiting for updates from SpaceX and Elon Musk's team. We have a meeting every two weeks and we discuss. Our bonding with all the crew members is also very good. We hope that soon we will travel in space and inspire the whole world even more.

Dev Joshi Ada Khan Aditi Sanwal Baalveer Season 4 Coming On Soni Liv Click  Here To Know More About The Show
What would you like to say to your fans?

Dev- Baalveer is going to bring very positive changes in your life. All the seasons of Baalveer have been good and season 4 will also be good. Keep watching such Baalveer and keep loving and supporting like this.

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