Lights, Camera, Comedy! Meet the comedians of Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Madness Machayenge – India Ko Hasayenge’

Sony Entertainment Television is all set to tickle your funny bones with its new and refreshing comedy show, ‘Madness Machayenge  India Ko Hasayenge’, starting 9thMarch at 9:30 PM. 

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Sony Entertainment Television is all set to tickle your funny bones with its new and refreshing comedy show, Madness Machayenge  India Ko Hasayenge’, starting 9thMarch at 9:30 PM. Redefining the genre by breaking the conventional norms of comedy, this show will effortlessly deliver varied styles of comedy with an impressive line-up of seasoned comedians - Paritosh Tripathi, Snehil Dixit Mehra, Gaurav Dubey, Kettan Singh, Ankita Shrivastav, Kushal Badrike, Inder Sahani, and Hemangi Kavi. With years of experience in the field of comedy, this chosen lot is sure to make a place in the hearts of the viewers. 



Week after week, each comedian will be given fun challenges and tasks by the show’s Madness Ki Malkin, Huma Qureshi, guaranteeing laughter and mayhem with every episode! Acclaimed stand-up comedian Harsh Gujral turns host for this hilarious show that promises to give you your much-needed dose of weekend entertainment. 


Expressing his excitement about joining the show, Paritosh Tripathi shares, “I am elated to be a part of 'Madness Machayenge - India Ko Hasayenge' as I consider it to be an incredible opportunity for myself and my fellow comedians to showcase our diverse talents and connect with audiences on a personal level. I'm eager to bring fresh, entertaining content filled with jokes, banter, and captivating performances, reviving comedy as a genre on Indian television. I’ve always had a fruitful association with Sony Entertainment Television; I love working with the channel teams and I truly believe they’re masters of this genre. Comedy is a tough genre and that’s what makes me love it. I would love to explore myself as an actor, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with a great bunch of actors like Huma, Harsh and all the others who are very talented. I'm very happy to be a part of this show.”


Snehil Mehra Dixit aka BC Aunty adds, “ What drew me to the show is the opportunity to showcase diverse comedy styles with each act, a challenge I eagerly embrace! Having explored social media, OTT, and films, I felt compelled to venture into television, seeing it as the ideal medium to connect with audiences across India. This platform promises not only entertainment but also invaluable learning experiences. With our collective efforts, I am confident we will deliver seamlessly.”


Ace comedian Kushal Badrike said, Comedy returns to your television screens with the launch of Madness Machayenge, which is a unique concept, with something for everyone. It will include engaging gags, roasts, and performances that will certainly keep the viewers entertained. I look forward to working with the other comedians and making the viewers laugh out loud!"


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