Shivya Pathania will be seen in Colors TV's new show 'Lakshmi-Narayan'

A new mythological show has started on Colors TV from 22nd April. The name of this show produced by Swastik Production is 'Lakshmi Narayan'.

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Colors TV's new show 'Lakshmi-Narayan'
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A new mythological show has started on Colors TV from 22nd April. The name of this show produced by Swastik Production is 'Lakshmi Narayan'. Shivya Pathania and Srikant Dwivedi will be seen in the roles of Lakshmi and Narayan in the show.

Auspicious Launch: Cast Worships Lakshmi Narayan

On the occasion of the launch of the show, all the cast and crew of the show worshiped the idol of Lakshmi Narayan before the auspicious work, and showered flowers on the idol of Lakshmi Narayan, and also danced on this happy occasion.

Ram Yashvardhan and Subha Rajput, who played the roles of Shiva and Shakti in Colors TV's serial 'Shiv-Shakti' produced by Swastik Productions, were also present on the occasion.

The new audience is going to connect with this show differently, so what do you think about this show?

Yashvardhan- I would like to give full credit for this to the audience of Shiv Shakti. Because if his love had not been received then perhaps this journey would not have reached 'Lakshmi Narayan'. I would like to tell the new audience that nowadays there is a great lack of values among us. We do not know much about our Vedas and Puranas. I didn't know much before doing 'Shiv-Shakti'. I have learned a lot through these shows, so I would say that you must watch these shows, it will give you a lot of new information about your religion and mythology. Just as you have loved 'Shiv-Shakti' to date, similarly love 'Lakshmi-Narayan' also.
Subha- I would say that 'Lakshmi Narayan' is a part of us, we all are very excited. Earlier we were exploring only Shiva Purana, now Vishnu Purana has also been added to it. Now we will get to see more good stories from which we will learn about life. I think the more good things we see, the better. We can watch such shows sitting with the family. I think it is very important to have this kind of content in today's times because we are not taught these kinds of things even in schools.

You are playing different characters in the same show. How difficult is it to play so many characters at the same time?

Subha- As an actor, it is very exciting. Because as an actor you want to play different characters. The reason behind an actor becoming an actor is that he wants to live many lives in one life. I too am living many lives in this show.

You are playing the character of Mahadev in 'Shiv-Shakti', and your character is being liked a lot by the audience. How do you see this journey?

Yashvardhan- I have been worshiping Lord Shiva since childhood and he is my favorite. When I got this role, I could not believe that I was going to play the character of Mahadev. Working with Swastika and colors is a big achievement. I have learned a lot with the help of this show. Now whatever we do, we do it keeping the children in mind. And we take care that no one's faith is hurt.

According to you, what are the qualities of Shiva and Narayan that today's generation should learn?

Yashvardhan- Why only today's generation, I think we all should learn their qualities. Today's generation is very good and they are technically very strong. Today's generation is far ahead of us and that is a good thing. All I would say is that you must move forward but move forward taking your values with you, then you will remain happy and fulfilled.

The actor playing the character of Narad in the serial called himself lucky to be associated with the show at the launch of the show. He also said that he understands the characters of Narad and Narayan more clearly. And his knowledge of spirituality is also increasing. He said that Narad Muni was known as a comic character as shown in films or serials but Narad Muni was a very knowledgeable man.

Siddharth Kumar Tiwari, founder of 'Swastik Production', one of India's largest production houses, along with his wife Gayatri Gill Tiwari, who is the producer and fiction head of the production house, was present at the launch of their new show.

What new ideas have you brought from this show? Want to talk about it?

Siddharth- There have been 300 episodes of 'Shiv-Shakti' on Colors and everything is going very well so far. We tried to tell the story of 'Shiv-Shakti' in a new way, which people liked very much. For a long time, this thought was in our mind that the story of 'Lakshmi and Narayan' also has to be told differently. This new world was started with the idea of expanding the world of 'Shiv-Shakti' a little more and adding some new characters to it.

It has been more than a year since 'Shiv-Shakti'. How was your experience working with him as a producer?

Gayatri- I think the actors, entire crew, writing team, sets, costumes, and music of 'Shiv-Shakti' are all very good. I think many shows are blessed, it seems as if God himself has blessed them. The team of ‘Shiv-Shakti’ is exactly one such show. Whatever the writers write, the actors believe in those stories. And perhaps this is the reason why this show is also so famous. Our stories are written and produced with great devotion and the actors also perform with the same devotion.

The set of ‘Lakshmi-Narayan’ looks quite different and beautiful. Would you like to say something about this?

Siddharth- As Vaikuntha is mentioned in the story of 'Lakshmi-Narayan' Vaikuntha means a place where there is no negative energy. The story tells how Lakshmi and Narayan made Vaikuntha a place where there is no negative energy. It has been shown in the show how relationships are run between two people and how husband and wife should maintain a balance between themselves. We had an idea of Vaikuntha and after that, we created this world. I wanted people to feel a positive energy while watching Vaikuntha. The worlds of ‘Lakshmi Narayan’ and ‘Shiv-Shakti’ are very different and all the viewers will get to see them in the show.

Would you like to say something to the audience?

Siddharth- First of all I would like to thank the audience. To date, he has liked our stories very much. This is a new story that will come in a new way. I consider myself lucky because we don't always get the opportunity to tell stories like this. We all are very excited to bring the story of ‘Lakshmi-Narayan’ in a different way. Thank you for all the love you have given to date. We hope that we live up to your expectations of this show and you can enjoy this show.

Lakshmi Narayan show premieres April 22nd!🌺 | #Colors #LakshmiNarayan |  Swastik Productions - YouTube

By Shilpa Patil

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